Wednesday, June 3, 2015

21 Day Fix ... Day 2


The reason I'm posting another day... & probably a few days... is because I know when I started looking at this plan, I was really intrigued at finding posts on what people really ate in life.  So I think this may help someone... hopefully....

Day 2 was just as good as the first...

Still learning from it & seeing what real sizes of portions should be... & more important, finding that it really is enough!

So let's look closer at Day 2...

(6:15am) Breakfast
21 break
1 Red - 1 yellow - 1 green
I had such a hard time getting in all my vegetables on Day 1, I added in spinach with my eggs for breakfast.  I will say, for the most part, I'm surprised how much food the containers can hold.  EXCEPT for this - I was expecting it to hold more spinach then it did.  To make a salad, its going to take MANY containers of spinach or greens.

Snack 1 (10:15am)

21 snack
1 Purple - 2 tsps.
These are just easy to take to work & eat at my desk. I would love to have a protein shake at this time but no easy way to make one at work.  I don't feel like just shaking makes them as good as blending & I'm not toting a blender back & forth to work.

Lunch (1:00pm)

21 lunch
1 Blue - 1 Red - 1 Green - 1 Yellow
I remembered to take a pic!  I used tuna on a wheat tortilla & added peppers to it & used the hummus as a sauce on it - DELISH!!!! ... I had enough hummus left for some extra peppers. 

Snack #2 (4:30pm)
21 snack
1 red - 1 purple (used 1/2 banana)
Walked in the door & made a protein shake.  For someone who has always struggled to get in enough protein in a day, this has been really interesting to me on getting in lots of protein.  I'm anxious to see how my body feels after a few days of it.

I got in the workout today.  Upper Body Fix...

....even make your arms feel like they can't lift a thing!

OH MY GOSH... I thought, how hard can it be for my arms?  By the end, I had to go down to lighter weights & my arms felt like spaghetti... I haven't had my arms drained that badly in a long time. 

(6:30pm) Supper time

21 dinner

I wanted to make a real meal today... & at first I thought, oh no, this isn't going to be enough.  I was a tad disappointed in the sweet potato & putting it in the yellow & how much it really was.  It was basically half of a medium size sweet potato.  Good side of that, I have the other side already packed up for a warm up snack tomorrow

Used a veggie burger for my protein & some veggies.
.... & in the end, I was very well content.   Not stuffed - but I can stay I was full.  It was a good feeling.

(7:45pm) Snack #3 - Grapes

Finished off the night with trying to get in more of my containers... fruit for dessert took one more of my purples...

& in the end, I was still left with 2 reds, 3 greens & 1 purple left... & 4 teaspoons.  I could have a whole other meal basically....

I have to say, logging my food, I'm loving seeing how spot on the nutrition is...

21 day

I just can't get over 91 grams of protein... I'm usually struggling to get in 50 a day.  This is fantastic!!!!

Today will be exciting for me to see what its like eating out.  Wednesdays are the hubs & I "date lunch" where I meet him at Subway.  I've got my containers with me... I'll be the weirdo in the corner tearing my food apart to measure things.  We'll see how it works.

Here's to another day!


  1. Thank you for posting your food!! I am so interested in the 21 day fix and the thing that is holding me back is food. I'm a picky picky eater and I don't want to invest in the program before I have researched all about what I can eat!!

  2. Isn't it funny how much our day revolves around food? Have a great lunch!

  3. That's so awesome you got 91 grams of protein in!! I struggle with protein the most.

  4. 91 grams is an awesome number!! I love feeling content and not overly full, I always struggle with that particular discipline. Subway will do chopped salad now, i had one over the weekend :)

  5. That's great on the protein, I know I dont get nearly enough of that in my diet! So true on the arms thing for a minute. Sounds so simple, but there is no way I can lift or do pushups for a minute straight, my upper body is so weak:)

  6. aaaand now i'm hungry. hummus as a 'sauce' sounds amazing.

  7. Good job! I had to smile because aside from the tuna and protein shake, this is so similar to what I eat...right down to the cut up bell peppers. :)


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