Thursday, June 18, 2015

Day 17 on 21 Day Fix... the day I did things a little different...

I see the finish line ahead.

& I know I'm not supposed to, but this morning, I stepped on the scale... & LOST some weight. I don't want to say what it was because I want to save it to the end, but I was encouraged.

Especially because I did Day 17 differently.

Breakfast - the same. I think I'll probably eat 2 eggs with peppers on a wheat tortilla forever. Mainly because it seriously holds me over for 4 hours. I like that.

The snack was normal - apple & PB

& Wednesday is my lunch date with the hubs at Subway.  I have been getting a salad but am finding that the past 2 weeks, it still leaves me hungry.  Not to mention, like I've talked before, I feel like I'm putting the people out.  Lunch hour in downtown ain't no time to slow the Subway people down.  I got in there & there were about 4 people behind me so I went ahead & got my veggie patty on Honey Oat bread. 

I don't think its a total no-no to do bread, it just takes up most of your 'yellow' container for the day.  I was willing to mark it off for the day.

I will say I was proud of myself for not having chips with my sandwich - a first... & I actually had carrots at work to snack on the rest of the day to fill up on. 

I got home & had a protein shake & then it was time to work out...

It was Lower Body Fix.

I literally was like a teenage girl...

can't even.

My legs have not been right since I started this thing.  Call them weak. Call them wusses.  Whatever. 

But I decided I wasn't going to do it. I have been feeling defeated & I don't like that feeling.

So I popped in my Les Mills Combat work out.  I still consider it a lower body workout - I mean, one point, it does 234 kicks consecutively.  That's a leg workout.  Believe me. My legs get lower with each kick & I have to fight hard to get them back up.  Yep - a leg workout indeed.

Then dinner, the hubs had stopped & picked him up some chicken ... vegetarian spouse problems... so I had the chance to just make something for me.  I didn't want to cook so I found this at the grocery this past weekend & was excited to try it.

OH MY GOSH - it was delicious.

Now, I'm not sure this is 100% on the meal plan, but it had all good stuff - except for the sauce.  BUT, it wasn't like it was dripping. It just made it moist.

& I hate I just used that word.  Moist. Ew.

(For those on 21 day fix - I counted it as 2 reds (lentils & beans are red for vegeterians) 1 green & because of the sauce, I counted 3 tsp.... this is just my guestimate)

Anyways.  I want to buy this for every day now.

I think they have like 4 different versions - I have one that has quinoa in it with spinach. I'm excited to try it now.

Then I ended the night watching American Ninja Warrior... these people are AMAZING!  I am in awe of people that can hang by their finger tips.  I'd do good to walk across the course on a flat board. I'd probably still fall over in the water.

So, today, nearing even closer to the end of Round 1... & always, Pressing On!!!


  1. Congrats on the weight loss girl! I've made those Birdseye meals before. Pretty yummy!

  2. I'm peeked! ;) I'm glad to hear things are going in the direction you want. Keep it up.

  3. We Love American Ninja Warrior! Those people are beasts! Great job with your 21 day fix and I totally would have peeked too, congrats on progress!

  4. So glad to hear you are feeling encouraged and have some progress now! Sounds like you are making some yummy healthy choices :) Good call on Les Mills workout, you shouldn't dread doing a workout, so if you enjoyed that more - it's greeat!


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