Tuesday, June 9, 2015

21 Day fix / my worst feeling day... my legs are crying... & my first weigh in

Yesterday just was a bad day for me on the 21 Day Fix. 
Not because I ate wrong... I just didn't eat enough, or at the right times.

I'm a week & 1 day in this thing.

Again, I think its because I wasn't prepared.  I'm finding with this, you GOTTA be planning on what you're going to have for meals & snacks.  No more grabbing & going.

& maybe there's where my problem has been for all this time. I'm just used to grabbing & eating - not giving much thought to it.

But I spent most of the day yesterday hungry & just not feeling good.

I had my usual eggs for breakfast & apples & PB for snack & I did good through lunch. 

Usual tuna & red peppers on a wheat sandwich thins with some grapes...

& then by 3:00, my stomach was hungry & grumbling.

I tried my trick of drinking water... nothing was easing it.

I usually get home & drink a protein shake at 4:30 but I had to go to the grocery.  By the time I got in there & out & had to deal with traffic getting home, it was almost 5:45.  I didn't want to make a protein shake because it was too close to dinner time at that point.

& then I worked out.


I did the Total Body Circuit.

let's just say I pretty much thought at the end, my legs would no longer function. This thing called "Surrenders" where you kneel down & get back up for a minute... on each leg... I'm not made for this.

I honestly was scared at the end how badly I felt.  I got on the Beachbody website to see if I was alone & I did see some other questions about how hard it felt to people, even those who normally work out (me raising my hand in agreement) but apparently, this is normal once you start this program.  I'm so anxious to see how I feel getting a little bit more of these workout in my life.

But I did that work out with no food - still hungry for 3 hours... & I think it all just hit me running on empty.  I felt dizzy. I had a headache. I felt nauseated. I thought I was going to pass out. It was almost like my words weren't coming out of my mouth right.

That kinda freaked me out.

I ended up making Ricky a dinner for him... poor guy can't eat my stuff because he NEEDS weight so badly...as badly as I need to loose it.

I really should change my blog to be referenced to Jack Spratt story.  I know the story says he eats no fat, she eats no lean... for us, its He can get no fat.. his wife can get no lean.  That's us.

But I had some lentils & brown rice & then had so many containers left for the day that I splurged... & by splurged, I had a legit 21 Day Fix desert.

I had Greek Yogurt, with 1 tsp honey, 1 tsp PB & 1 tsp Dark chocolate chips.  It was delicious!!!!  & only used 1 Red / 2 tsp / 1 Yellow

& then I took all my food I got at the grocery & prepped it up.  Cut, chopped.  Ready to grab & go if need be.

I will say, I didn't realize until after I cup up my apples how fast they turn brown. I have cut up apples I got from the store that lasted until the next week.  My fresh apples were brown before I got them in the fridge. Dang it.  Are they still safe to eat?  I gotta go to Google & see....

& then yep... today was the big weigh in day.  Got on the scale & see I lost 2.5 lbs for the week.  I was hoping for 4 but that's OK.  I can tell the difference in my body & I don't want to measure till the end.  & at least it wasn't a gain. ... or the same!!!!  It's something.

So today, Day 9, I keep Pressing On!!!


  1. Oh my. Girl get some fuel in that body before a hard work out! Yeah fresh apples turn brown quick. The cut ones from the store have been treated. Great job on the weight loss!!! Yea!!!

  2. Yay congrats on the weight loss! I wish fresh apples didn't turn brown so quick! I know putting lemon juice on them stops them from browning as quickly.

  3. 2 and a half pounds is awesome! They actually say around 2 pounds a week is a very healthy place to be for weight loss because its more apt to stay off than if lots is lost all at once.
    I think you're doing awesome on this, keep it up!!!!

  4. That's a GREAT weigh in!! Congrats! You're doing awesomely. :)
    I have had the same issue with fresh apples. I cut them for Betty's lunches in the evening sometimes and even refrigerated they are usually brown the next day. So now I wait until the morning to do that part of her lunch.


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