Monday, March 3, 2014

Long Run Saturday... feeling like a loser

My long run Saturday called for 7 miles.  I was worried about it because I am still dealing with this sinus junk.  It just won't go away.  And I missed last weekend's long run which was 6 miles.  So I figured I would get out & do AT LEAST 6 miles, but go for the 7 miles...

It was a warm enough day to get out off the treadmill... & look what I got in...



Got those miles in!  I did it.
It was nice to get out in fresh air.   I even went to a new location where hills wouldn't be an issue for my aches & pains.  It was also nice because my car was at the 2 mile mark, so I would do a loop, could stop at my car for tissues or drop off gear... it was nice to have a stop point like that instead of being out on roads & being 3.5 miles away from home & really needing to drop off my gloves or blow my nose.
It felt nice ... but the lingering of cold still existed.  Look at the geese... walking on ICE over the pond. 
They must have had a race there earlier in the day too because I saw people taking down equipment & gear & podiums.  Plus, there were chalk marks all over the path.  How did I miss that so close to my home? 
I actually felt pretty good.  Now granted, I did a 3.5 minute walk & a 1.5 minute run to get it in but I've learned if I want to go distance with my low back & knee issues, I've got to keep it slow.
& slow I am...
so slow in fact, I was depressed about it.  I figured up my half marathon time at this pace & its just embarrassing.  I mean, it's looking at 3:20?  Yep - told you - embarrassing.  Then I had a pity party...
Why bother?
What's the point?
You're a loser...
Especially when I got home & took my shower & my sciatica flared up.  That much pain afterwards?  I felt like a REAL loser...
so I'm debating on what I'm going to do.
Do I stick with it - keep PRESSING ON & do the race no matter if I have to crawl?
Celebrate finish LINES, not finish TIMES - right?
We'll see...
I'm just frustrated today.  I've really been watching my food intake, been working out & get on the scale... & gain 2.5 lbs...
I'm miserable - frustrated... yep, feeling like a loser
Today's a new day... right?


  1. The new day always comes for a fresh start! You are absolutely NOT a loser... your finishing time doesn't matter. No matter what you do out there, you are doing something and that is what counts. Stay strong...the hard runs make the great ones worth it because you can appreciate them more! :0) HUGS!!

    1. Coming from a MARATHONER (!!!!!!), I appreciate your words.

  2. Awesome job on your 7 miles!! You are NOT a loser. Who cares what your finishing time is, just do it!! You might even surprise yourself. I totally know what you mean about the weight gain. Sometimes I feel like all I do is run and eat healthy, and I still gain. Ugh. Hang in there chick!


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