Friday, March 28, 2014

Confession Time

Look at me... a badge for my Confessions.. yeehaaawww!!!

So time to get things off my chest... here we go...

* I woke up with my house covered in mud puppy paw prints all throughout the kitchen, living room & hallway... I didn't expect to get a semi yoga workout 5 minutes after I woke up from all the bending & scrubbing.

* I've become spoiled to wanting perfect weather.  The weather has been, to me,  too cold, or too cloudy, too dark, or too windy.  I was on my treadmill yesterday & realized I didn't want to go out because it was too windy & that's when it hit me... I'm a weather snob.  This doesn't fair well if my half marathon isn't on a beautiful 60 degree day.

* Watched 2 more documentaries on food & nutrition & how it affects your health & has even cured cancer in some people.  Also seen how people have lost their jobs & are shunned in the medical field if you say they believe nutrition cures cancer.  Why is this not looked into more & on the news every night?  I don't understand. the CURE FOR CANCER people! Isn't it worth checking out?... but I get it... medicine is a zillion dollar business in America. Sad.

* I've watched too much Scandal because now I'm afraid someone is going to give me something that causes cancer because I just made that statement above.

* The documentaries I watched are called "The Beautiful Truth" & "The Gerson Miracle" - both can be found on Netflix AND they're also on youTube... they are similar though & have some of the same clips & people in them.  & I'll warn you, some parts are a snooze fest, but if you can get past those cheesy parts, then you'll hear some eye opening info.

The Beautiful Truth

* A big part of that Gerson Method is a coffee enema ... you read that right.

I think I made this face when they said I had to put coffee WHERE??????

* I need to find some uplifting documentary to watch next & not one that makes me want to move to some remote island with an organic farm.

* People are mean & stupid.  Did you see where Self magazine tried to make two ladies feel stupid about running in tutu's... #TutuGate as I call it :) ... did a little thing about how the craze of wearing tutu's makes people think they run faster?... only to find out she's running with Brain Cancer (hello...the friend's running bib said, "Die Tumor Die")... I'm sure Self Magazine feel like idiots...
I love BOTH of their outfits & think they look INCREDIBLE
Link to that story is right HERE

* I've never ran in a tutu before & now I want one for every run I do in my life.  Suck it Self!

* Let my jealousy of everyone registered for the Avenger's RunDisney race begin....

* Speaking of Run Disney races... I don't see how people afford all of them. Those babies are pricey - not to mention the air fare to get there & hotels & all that come with Disney.  But if my husband didn't remind me of our bills, I'd pay for every one of them too...

* Brought one of my Edamame bags to work for lunch... it filled me up pretty good too - & only 150 calories for lunch?   I need to get to Sam's Club & get some more.

* I've got to get in 10 miles this weekend.  It'll be a test. If I can get it in, I'm going to do my next half marathon.  If I don't make it, then I know I'm not going to be prepared & I'll probably skip it.  The true test lies this weekend... I'll confess, I'm nervous.  Anxious to see how it goes.

* Our downtown area that is full of walkers, runners, families - it's been on national news because of teen crowds coming & picking & bullying & beating up on people.  Like SWARMS of ruly teenagers.  So sad when it makes you nervous to go to a part of town that is built for running.

* Which reminds me... Walking Dead finale Sunday! YAHOO!!!

Anything you need to get off your chest?


  1. You know, SELF should apologize because she has cancer and she is wearing the tutu for a good cause. Here is the crazy thing, many women's magazines have sections like SELF's BS and women are not all up in arms about it. I ask myself if had she not had cancer would people be making such a stink. But in honesty, there is a tutu epidemic out there. I know some people may disagree with me, but I cannot stand tutus unless your chose profession is a professional ballet dancer.

    About the Disney races, I don't know how people can afford them either. I am a huge Marvels cartoon and wanted to do the Avengers race but cannot afford them.

    1. I wondered as well if people would be on the story as much... probably not, sad to say. At least its good seeing people stick together on something :)
      ... let's bake cookies or something to raise money for a Disney race :)

  2. I'm with you on runDisney! We did Dopey in January and the cost for what we got was terrible! Too crowded and disorganized for me, I'll still to less expensive better organized races :)

  3. So I love that new confessions button you made!

    I wish runDisney would stop raising their prices every year too it makes me sad :0( But they know it won't deter their races from selling out ridiculously fast so my guess is they'll keep doing it while they can get away with it.

    SELF magazine. Ugh. Just UGH. They apology seemed so insincere, too. Absolutely horrible.

    1. They're apology is awful. I bet someone lost a job at Self Magazine over this.
      Yep - people will always pay for Disney races.. except for my husband :)

  4. I haven't seen either of the 2 documentaries. I'll have to check them out. Your comment about wanting to move to a remote island is so true. And don't even get me started on the medical profession and nutrition and why they're mutually exclusive with most doctor's. Ugh!

  5. I hope you got that 10 miler in!!
    I love the Walking Dead, this has not been my favorite season. But I absolutely loved the cliffhanger season finale!!!


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