Thursday, March 6, 2014

Not the dreaded Plantar Fascia....

I did my long run of 7 miles Saturday...

applause... bowing...all the good stuff...

But when I was out there, I kept feeling my feet hurt.  I am used to low back pain, sciatica running down my leg, my knees hurting like daggers are being pushed into them... but my feet?  That was new.

I have new shoes that I got a few months back & used to start my training with.  With the winter, they've mainly been on the treadmill...

They may hurt, but they're pretty....

I'm noticing they're not that comfy on the actual pavement.

& I'm thinking they may be the culprit to my pain.


Mercy, my foot hurts.  It hurts even to walk right now.

I am a tad dramatic when it comes to pain

Its like what I would imagine plantar fasciitis would feel like, but isn't that in the heel of the foot?  My pain is up right under the ball of your foot - so kind right in the arch.

Ahhh heck - it very well may be Plantar Fascia
... that's exactly where it hurts...
where the line says "Plantar Fascia"

Someone asked me, "Did you step on a rock?"... no, but that's exactly what it feels like.  When you get a bruise from stepping on something.

Maybe I did step on a rock & not notice it...

or maybe I need to make a trip to the local running store as soon as possible for new shoes.

We'll see how my run goes tonight ... & I'm probably going to pull out my old shoes for that.

We have 50's & 60's in the temperatures coming our way... this problem needs to get kicked in its rear & just move on.



  1. NOOO FOOT PAIN GO AWAY! You probably have the cause pinpointed - most likely your shoe style, shoe size, or even your shoe/sock combination. Did you get fitted properly at a running store for your shoe? If not, I definitely would do that asap. If so, maybe try a different store or different person! I hope the pain goes away stat! I know they have special PF sleeves out there too you can check out.

    1. I got fitted for my last pair & then thought I was good enough to get my own... I am now, literally, paying the price for it :( My husband dealt with it for so long so we have all the tools to stretch it out. But I'm thinking new shoes are in my future.

  2. I had that in college. My ankles swelled up and it was painful. Feel better! Lots of ice helped me.


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