Monday, March 10, 2014

0 out of 2... but got new shoes...

This weekend was the 2nd leg in the Triple Crown... the Rodes City 10K...

My favorite race around these parts.. & yes, I can sound country because its in Kentucky that these parts are running races :)

.... & so far, my record is sucking lemons...

I'm now zero in 2 ... missed both races...

This one hurt my feelings because I do love the race so much.  I didn't register because I wasn't sure where I would be, what would be going on.  Would my dad still be in the hospital?  Would we be in Nashville?  Will it be a foot of snow & I'm stranded in my house?...a possibility that is making me feel like Spring isn't coming.

But I went to register the day before the race & found out it would cost $60.00

$60.00??????  No thank you. I couldn't do it.

I ended up sleeping in my warm bed & having dreams of running the race... though I was still sad about missing it.

I did end up getting my 'long run' in, & turns out, this week, my long run was a reduced week.  That happens in the schedule like 3 times.  I was so glad & needed it desperately.  I should say, my FEET needed it desperately.

That pain is still right under the ball of my foot.  PAINFUL!  Like I'm stepping on a thumb tack every time I step down.  Good times.

But I did get out in the beautiful weather -  & even saw 3 other walkers & 1 other runner on my road.... this is something you NEVER see on a country road.  I think I ran for 3 years before I ever saw another person doing any running or walking.  I DO see bikers all the time. With all the hills, bikers LOVE my road... runners & walkers?  They're smarter then me & go somewhere else.  But the weather Saturday even brought out people who wouldn't normally get out.

I hate that stupid curved hill....

I got home though & told Ricky, I can't take it anymore.  He needed new shoes too so we headed to the local running store.

I tried on the newest pair of Saucony's - its the brand I've wore for the past 3 years.  I just didn't like them.  It didn't feel more padded in my foot & they felt clumpy & big - so they brought out some Asics, which I didn't care for either.  They felt cheap.  & then like Cinderella, they brought out the pair that fit perfectly.  Brooks Ravenna 4.

Media preview

They felt really nice.

It's weird taking on a new brand but I keep hearing wonderful things about Brooks.

I'm also nervous because it wasn't until I got home that I saw they were 9.5 & I wear a 9.  Everyone is telling me they get their running shoes a size bigger, but they tried that with my last Saucony pair & I felt like I was in clown shoes & had to take them back & trade them in.

Media preview

We'll see how it goes though... tonight, they get their first trial run...

& its going to be 68 degrees...



  1. 68 degrees sounds amazing! Perfect running temps :0) I hope your new shoes work for you - sending prayers for zero foot pain!

    1. Thanks for the feet wishes :)
      The funny things runners wish for each other :)

  2. New shoes are the best, and the first run in them is my favorite! I hope they work great for you and you don't have any additional foot pain!! Good luck!

  3. I love Brooks shoes! Too bad you missed the 10k, but at least you still got your run in! We should run together sometime. (Do you live in Louisville?)


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