Monday, March 31, 2014

I DID IT!!!!... now what?

10 miles... the top of the chart... the pinnacle of the training for the half marathon.

it was this weekend.

As usual, I had 2 photo sessions & a busy weekend & didn't know how I was going to get it in.  Especially with the weather on Saturday being cold & rainy...

But I told my husband I had to try to get it in because I had to know if I could do it.  If I couldn't do 10 miles, I was OK with that, but I would know I wouldn't be prepared for the half marathon in 3 weeks (OH MY GOSH - 3 weeks/?!?!?)

Yep... that's my reaction when I realized it was 2 weeks from this coming Saturday!!!

My husband had to work on Saturday & I figured instead of cleaning the house, why not just give it a try... & I did something I NEVER EVER EVVVEEERRR do - thought I'd do the long run on my treadmill.

I don't care for really long runs on the 'mill because it burns my feet after so long & plus, it's just boring.

BUT... I kept hearing of people using their tablets for entertainment & I just downloaded Frozen on there so I thought, let's give it a try...

I started off actually with Netflix & put on "The Spirit of the Marathon"

Media preview
A tablet, a bottle water & a Luna bar... ready, set, GO!

Is there any better motivation then that?

& honestly, it wasn't that bad... before I knew it, an hour & a half went by & I felt decent.  I kept to the walk/run training plan of 3 minute walk/1 minute run for the first 4 miles.  Then I thought, I'll push it a bit because on race day, the training is walk 3, run 2 minutes... so I said, I'll change it to walk 3.5/run 1.5 ...

I was doing math in my head for about 5 minutes to see if that would help me gain any time.  Actually it would.  Not a lot, but some... & some is better then none.

I was doing really well until about mile 7... then I was just kapooting out.  I think because I didn't have anything but water & was limited on that - I didn't want to stop & have to go upstairs & refill... which I ended up doing anyways because I felt so bad. 

& my Luna Bar isn't what I normally run with & I think that messed up my stomach...

so mile 7, it was bad... but I refilled my water & got an Arbonne Energy Fizz  to add to it & I went back down to finish the 3 miles.

I put on Frozen at that point to push me through.. singing & Disney can get me through anything - right?

I was feeling it in the end.  My legs were tight, I was nauseated...

But I did it...

& finished right when "Let it Go" was playing..

I felt like such an accomplishment was met...

abet a slow accomplishment, but I did it...

but then I was talking to my husband & I'm like, "now what?"

I always said if I could get through 10 miles, I knew I could do the mini...

But I felt so bad in these 10 miles.  I mean BAD at the end.  Was it just nutrition?  Was it because I was on the treadmill?  I know outdoor environments plus RACE environments makes a difference...

& the kicker.  My back... OH MY GOSH... it was aching so bad in those 10 miles.  So much pressure in my low back.  My knees did great surprisingly ... but my back... It would ache on the walk part, but the pressure was ready to BURST on the run parts.

My low back felt like this could happen if someone put a pin in me...

Now I'm confused what to do...

do I try the race & see how my back does?  Do I push myself to maybe some place my back doesn't want to go?

Do I keep at it & go at this slow pace that is going to leave me with a totally embarrassing time?

I don't know what to do really...

Not to mention, the next 2 weeks before the race, I'm going to be doing a wedding and then out of town for the next weekend at a Christian women's retreat... so I'm not even going to properly be able to tamper.

What to do... what to do...


If anything, I felt like a queen for a moment when I hit those double digits... while singing "Let it go"

I'll take a moment like that whenever I can get 'em


  1. No matter how long it takes you to finish it shouldn't be an embarassing time because...YOU FINISHED! Great job!!!

  2. WAY TO GO!! And on a dreadmill, too!! Would the treadmill be making your back worse though? I mean, would/does it feel better when running on the road? If it were me, and the road didn't feel as bad as the 'mill, I say go for it. You'd also have the awesome energy flowing from your fellow mini-participants and the spectators along the way. Just wondering if there's something out there you could wear on your back where it's hurting and while you're running -- not really a heating pad thing but something like that.

    1. I've been wearing those Icy Hot back pads & thought about seeing how long one of those last in the race with sweat... but my husband may be meeting me in areas to make sure I'm doing OK so he can bring me another back pad if it sweats off... a possibility? :)

      I'm running on pavement tonight so I'll see how my back does then & see if its a difference.

  3. Yay! Congrats on the 10 miles. You will find those longs runs to be easier outside then on the TM. You should try to get a few shorter runs in outside to see how you feel! I have that movie Spirit of the Marathon and never watched it yet!

    1. I'm heading out today on real road to see how it all feels :)

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  5. WOOHOO!! 10 miles! Congrats Rebecca - that is amazing! I seriously cannot fathom running 10 miles on the TM. #Dedication

    You will do great on the half marathon. No matter what your time is, you will do GREAT! Make sure to stretch and foam roll every day to help the aches!

    1. I need to use my foam roller more often. I need to put it right where I trip over it every day so I remember its there :) Like in front of the frig! :)


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