Friday, March 21, 2014

Confession Friday...

Another week... more stuff to get off my chest
My confessions for the week:

* I need to make my own "Confession" button or something. I'm tired of having to look up this Pretty Little Liars GIF every week.  I'll add that to my list of 3,289 other things I need to do.

* I've changed my running schedule around because of the weather.  It has me ALL messed up. My long run is now going to be Sunday & the weather is going to be cold & yucky... putting me on the treadmill, which I HATE for long runs. Running Karma?

* We have yet to hook up our Xbox Kinect that we got at CHRISTMAS... hello Mr. Time - where have you gone? ... but I have bought the Zumba work out & the Nike Kinect Training workout... now, if only I could use them...

I can't wait to get this baby going!!!

* Seeing lots of running peeps that are pregnant ... & its embarrassing that their running times with baby bumps are still faster then mine.

* I love seeing baby bumps though... so dang cute...

* My food baby bump is NOT cute though.

* I've done well with the Girl Scout Cookie thing. We now have 2 boxes in the house & I've only had 5 cookies total... still  a lot left in those boxes.  Still trying to ignore them.

* I'm trying to stay away from the hills on my road for my back's sake... but I don't have anywhere close to run unless I drive about 10-15 minutes away.  So I've been taking to running in loops around the local school's parking lot.  Can you say BOORRRIINNNNGGGG???????  ... but at least my back says "Thanks"

I may actually do this on a loop or two

* I downloaded a new app this morning "Water Your Body" - I drink water all day long but wanted to really see how much I really take in ... now its just remembering to log in when I drink... because I drink all day long.

Not mine... mine shows my weight on it
Aint NO ONE gonna see that!

* I also pee all day long...constantly... Add in all that water with a 42 yr old bladder?  yeah - I must know where bathrooms are at all times.

* The latest Women's Running Magazine came in this week.  My favorite magazine I look forward to reading.

* Tried out the Happy Herbivore pepper fajitas last night... turned out pretty darn good. That was the first time I cooked peppers using only water & not oil & it worked out well.

* I'm trying to make smoothies without protein powder lately & now they just taste sorta plain & yucky without the flavoring of the powder.  Any suggestions on how to make it yummy?  I have a friend that uses Nesquick or chocolate powder but I wanted a more healthy alternative.  Is there such a thing?

Anything you need to get off your chest today?
Do you have the Kinect workout goodies?
What do you use in your smoothie?
What's your favorite magazine?


  1. That water app looks pretty cool - I think I'm gonna check it out! For your smoothie, try a banana and dark chocolate soy milk... soooo good! Even better if you add PB and/or a little bit of oatmeal.

    Long runs on the TM are never fun... hopefully spring weather comes back to stay soon for you so running outdoors is an option again!

    1. I JUST bought some chocolate almond milk to try out. I'll be giving it a try tomorrow! :)

  2. I don't know anyone who hasn't had to change their race plan or training due to weather. And can you believe we have snow in the forecast for tomorrow! Ugh!

    Thanks for linking up with Fitness Friday :)

  3. I'm literally laughing out loud! I love your GIFs. I bought 3 boxes of Girl Scout cookies and immediately gave them away because I will eat an entire box. I don't believe their serving sizes. ;)

    If you're down with green smoothies: 6-8oz almond milk (or milk of choice), greek yogurt, a handful of spinach and mixed berries with half a banana.


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