Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Even when I try... I still screw up...

I went out at lunch today. 

It's not something I normally do, but when it warms up, its good for me to breath fresh air & not stay in my stuffy office.  Staying in during the winter is enough to drive me a tad bit crazy.

Lunch has been sort of an issue for me lately.  I'm trying this Diet Bet thing - needing to loose 9 lbs by the beginning of April & I'm really watching calories & tracking everything.  (Thank you MyFitnessPal)

Lunch seems to hold a lot of calories for me.

I tried the frozen food thing, but the sodium in those things are ridiculous.

I've tried bringing things from home, but its still adding up quickly.  I've been packing up some cheese sandwiches & pretzels or Baked Lays or something to eat along with it.  I'm a vegetarian but I'm not the one who can just bring salads every day or munch on carrots & feel full & make it through the day.

I'm already grumpy enough in my office - I don't need a rumbling growling belly to add to it.

Usually when I run out, I head to 2 places - Subway or Jimmy Johns - both for their vegetarian sandwiches.

Today, I thought, I'll run to the grocery & get a salad.  It'll be good for me, lots of veggies, something different & it'll be good for my calories.

I load up... the green GREEN lettuce, not iceberg... add in some carrots, some mushrooms, a little bit of hard boiled egg for protein, some olive for salt... (Mmmm, I love salt)... & a little bit of sunflower seeds. 

Dressing is usually something I hassle over because I hate bottled dressing unless its an all natural kind... but this grocery has zippo selection of natural food choices, so I just went with what they had on the bar & got some low calorie ranch... & even used it sparingly because I know its still full of junk.

I get out in my car & chomp away & think, let me go ahead & enter this in MyFitnessPal (is it one word or do you just spell it out?... I don't ever know)...

When I figured it up, I thought I was going to upchuck that salad right back up ....

It came up to nearly 600 calories....


I'm sad now because of stupid lettuce

Man... I get so frustrated when I try & still screw up....

& from there, I just want to say, "forget it" & go in & buy a dozen of the Cadbury eggs that are calling my name.

No... no... no... no....

But... I hang in there.  Plan on working out tonight with a run & burning some calories off & just keep on trying...

what else can you do.


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    1. Isn't that a humbling feeling ... when you feel like you'll buckle? Sitting isn't all its cracked up to be.

  2. I'm using MyFitnessPal, too. It's the only thing that works for me.... otherwise it's amazing how many calories you are eating when you think you're making wise choices. I thought about signing up for DietBet, maybe I'll do that next time.

    BTW, your post this morning about wobbly legs totally spoke to me... I run first thing in the morning, then sit down to a desk job, and man.... when I stand up, I feel like I'm 100 years old!

    Hang in there!

  3. It always astounds me how many calories can be packed in a salad! It's pure craziness! Like you said, you'll be feeling much better about it after your workout today. I don't know if you have ever been to Skinny Taste, but that blog is fan-freakin-tastic for all types of meals. There are so many ideas for lunch time and it has caloric values on all her recipes. You should check it out! :0)

    1. I'm headed there right now to check out their lunch ideas! Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Hang in there -- you're trying and that's gotta count for something! :) I started using MFP for my Pact app -- freaked me out how quickly those numbers went up! So then I started cutting back on just about everything and got a message from MyFitnessPal saying that I needed to eat more calories. I may or may not have neglected to put down every time I ate some girl scout cookies that day. Anyway - point is that you ARE trying and you ARE working out so keep it up!

    1. Thanks! I do keep "Pressing on"
      I laughed about the girl scout cookies. At least its only once a year :)

  5. Can you believe i've never had a Cadbury egg before? I think this is the year I must try one..lol

    Clif bars are always a good snack/ part of lunch option for me. They are super yummy and very filling. I rarely it it all in one sitting.

    1. WWHHHHAAATTTT??!??!?!?!!??! Never had a Cadbury egg? Well, don't worry - I've had enough for both of us... plus another 100 people ;)


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