Monday, March 24, 2014

Long Distances?

So I'll never get off my training schedule again... it messed my world up.

Well, I guess it did work for one instance - Friday was beautiful & I had to do what would normally be my Thursday run on that date.

It was in the 70's... OH MY GOSH... we got one day of beauty, because its now cold & a chance of snow tonight... so I'm glad I did get to get out on Friday for a nice little trek.

Like I mentioned before, I'm trying different places so I don't have to do the hills on my back.  I went to the local park this time & with 70 degrees, you can bet it was full of families hanging out & a ton of dog walkers.  I even had ducks cross my path & not the least bit afraid of me coming right up to them.

My weekend got all messed up because I was supposed to do 8 miles on Saturday or Sunday... but Saturday?  I was doing this...

Getting shot with Super man Guns by my 2 little Grandsons...

& getting to meet our 3rd & taking lots of pictures of him...

My hubby with Will - G-Babe #3
 So Saturday was a day full of travel & a lot of car sickness... & a lot of loving on cute little boys...

It was a good trade for my long run...

But when I was down in Nashville talking with Julie, we got talking about a half marathon in the area during the early Fall.  I had asked her if she may be interested in doing it.  We had this good conversation then about long distances.  She said that every time she's tried to train for a half marathon, something happens... some sort of injury, some sort of reoccurring pain, always SOMETHING.. & she said, "I just don't think my body is made for long distances"

Now, Julie is a great runner.  She has amazing 5k & 10k times...

But she's right... we started talking about my past few half marathons & the things that happen EVERY TIME.  I can count on a knee injury 2-3 weeks before the race... I can count on low back pain extremely severe right before a race... I can count on my bicep tendonitis being miserable by the time I'm up to 8-10 miles (that's another topic I need to talk about)...

Is it possible that long distances aren't made for everyone?

or is it just something that happens to everyone & you just push past it?

I guess a challenge doesn't come without challenges... but when is it too much?

Got me thinking...

& yeah, I almost ran on Sunday, but had church & then an appointment with my next Bride I'm shooting in 2 weeks... plus, the car sickness just whipped me down for the weekend...

so a lost weekend... thumbs down
But I got to kiss a baby nose... thumbs up
& I'm going to attempt 10 miles this weekend... thumbs just waiting to see which direction to go...

How was your weekend?

Are long distances hard on you?

What's your favorite distance to run?


  1. You can do it! Don't give up on those long distance runs!!

    Congrats on g-baby #3! So exciting! :0)

    1. I don't give up easily.. I keep PRESSIN' ON :)
      Thanks always for the encouragement!

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  3. Grand baby #3 is just so darn cute! Of course I am sure #1 and #2 are as well but I can't see their I don't know about those long runs. Maybe your body gets stressed out about the up coming races? But you are right to just Press On but also know when to take it easy if you are injured!

    1. Thanks! That's what I'm debating on... if the back pain is just too much to push... its such a debate in our house between me & my husband.. Last night was a REAL bad back night & I think, "I gotta stop"... & then the sun rises & I'm like, let's try that again :)


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