Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Perfect excuse to buy more shoes!!!

I never knew the importance of running shoes until I started really caring about running.

I had the attitude that I think most non-runners have.  Tennis shoes are just tennis shoes.

Ohhhh, how wrong that is...

I cringe when I see people say they're going to take up running & they have on awful shoes & they start out... usually ending up with an injury & frustration & soon quit.

Its not like good running shoes are magical & make you an amazing runner.

I wish.
THESE are magical shoes....
There's no place like the finish line... there's no place like the finish line

But they do make a difference.

I've learned that the hard way. I think most people do learn it the hard way ...

I've started off running in Asics & really liked them.  They got me through my first 2 half marathons.  Then I switched to Saucony's & that was my shoe of choice for years.  And as I mentioned just a few weeks ago, I just got my first pair of Brooks. 

As soon as I posted the picture of them, I heard how many people love Brooks & choose them as their favorites every time.

Well, this weekend, Ricky & I were out at the mall & I happened to run into an athletic shoe store, which I never do... after all, they only usually carry 'cute' shoes, not functional shoes & are loaded with Nike shoes... which I'm not a fan of ... AT ALL...

But sitting there on the wall was my Brook's Ravenna 4 in another color.. ON SALE!!!

About $25.00 less then what I just paid for mine... DANG IT!

Next thing I know, my sweet hubby goes back in there & asks for my size & buys them for me...

Ahhh - he loves me....

Sweet right?  (He is pretty sweet .... at times)

So now, I have twins...

I feel like a proud momma...

& then I saw this in my Women's Running magazine this morning...

running shoes

So the point of this whole post today?  To give you permission to go buy more shoes.  If someone asks why you are buying another pair?  Show them that article & tell them its for your own health & well being...

How can anyone deny that? :)

Happy Shopping friends

& so do your feet


  1. This post is perfection. I have a closet full of shoes, but could always use another pair! :0) Your hubby is so sweet to go back in and buy them for you! I hope switching out the shoes for each run help reduce/keep away all your running pain!!

  2. I have become enamored with running shoes over the past two years but I can always use another pair. I like switching between them and I notice I am less prone to injuries when I do.

    1. You can attest to the Womens' Running article! I'm excited to try that - makes shoes last longer too!


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