Monday, April 14, 2014

Race Week.... oh geez...

This is it...

The week of the race...

& do you know I'm still confused what to do.  I still feel like I have no confidence in myself for it.

What happened the past 2 weeks is exactly what I thought would happen.  I wasn't able to get in my long runs... which is a tamper anyways, but I know its still important to move.

Well, I did move... just not running.

Like I said, last weekend, I was on my feet from 9am - 9pm doing a wedding. 

This weekend, I got in my 10,000 steps every day from a women's conference I went to.  The Women of Joy conference.  We did a lot of walking, & I made a point at every worship session to move... I'm a natural born dancer anyways.  I'm always swaying, moving, getting my groove on.

Emma Stone Dancing

We went to a concert on Saturday night & got to be on the front row of the Chris Tomlin show.  I know its a Christian concert, but as I told everyone around me, I work in youth ministry - that's a free pass to JUMP like I'm in a grunge crowd.  (We JUMP a lot in youth ministry)

So I did keep moving this weekend... just not race training moving...

& now the race is Saturday... & I'm scared, nervous, wondering if I should do it...

at least attempt it...

I've said all along, I know it will be a horrible time, but I feel like I need to at least TRY...

maybe my body will surprise me.  Maybe not... but maybe I'll just try?!!??!

I think I need to find some confidence... somewhere... & I need to find it fast...


  1. Are you doing the Derby mini? If so, DO IT! I'll give you your medal at the end!! Who cares how slow you are!
    Sounds like a great conference, and Chris is one of my faves!

  2. DO IT! You won't know how you do until you try and I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Just being in the race crowd, getting pumped up by the DJs and the spectators, getting lost in your thoughts along the way ... I totally think you should do it, as long as you're feeling physically able to. So it's OK to question your ability and only you know how your body is feeling ... but if you've already registered, I vote for at least trying! :) We're rooting for you! I wish I had gone ahead and registered for the KDF mini after the Triple Crown ... but my husband and I are going to do our first 1/2 in Indianapolis in November. I don't think I want to wait that long!

    1. I love doing the Triple Crown right into the mini - it was perfect for the training. This year was messed up with the move & then the dates didn't work :(
      Thanks for your encouragement! & yeah, find another half marathon sooner! :) There's one in Nashville I am thinking about doing in the fall - & there's a whole new Fall Race series around Louisville- a new half marathon - yahoo!

  3. You can do it!! No matter what it takes... run, walk, skip, crawl, you are going to do great no matter what!

    1. I like to skip - maybe I need to do more of that :)


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