Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Prescprition for girlie reasons...

So I had my annual Gyno exam 2 weeks ago.

Nothing like stripping naked in a cold room & acting like its not a big deal when you have to put your feet up in contraptions that turn your into a flexible gymnast.... & the only place you'll hear at least 3 times, "Scoot down some more"

Oh, I probably should have started off staying this post was probably more girl-geared.  Any guys reading?  You've probably already checked out...


I'm now at the age where I go in & my doctor, who I've been with since I was 20 years old (!!!!!) & the first thing she says to me is, "So are getting to menopause yet?"

Yipee... the fun of aging...

At least its aging with my same doctor... who by the way looks exactly the same as when I went in her office over 20 years ago.  What is this trickery?

I'm not at menopause yet, but I am having issues.  My periods are getting extremely heavy... EXTREMELY... like miserable.

So she gave me a choice - birth control pills or progesterone.

She knows how much I do not like medicine & I asked her, "Which one will do the less amount of 'crazy' to my body?" ... she suggested the progesterone.

& then she even said she would make it the lowest dose possible - so she handed me over the prescription for 5 mg once a day, at night, because apparently it causes sleepiness (This is why I hate medicine - always a side effect!) & I got dressed & I left...

I picked up my prescription a week ago...

& have yet to take the first pill.

I don't know what to do.

Medicine just freaks me out.  I do the worst thing possible & read the side effects & then always end up with about 95% of them.  & of course, this one has right there at the top of the list, "Weight gain"... that immediately makes me want to throw this stuff away.

Plus, there's the whole 'hormone' 'estrogen' thing... I don't know  a lot about the topic, but have heard a lot of talk about women going into menopause who taking estrogen, it can be dangerous?  I need to read up on these things...

I just don't know what to do...

Just keep dealing with the inconvenience a few days a month?
Or take this pill & have things slow... maybe to a halt... which sounds wonderful actually.

Anyone out there taking progesterone?

Do you hate medicine as much as I do?

What's the longest you've been with a doctor?


  1. This doesn't sound fun at all :0( I'm not anti-medicine but I try not to take it for anything and everything. I am afraid of becoming immune to it to the point where it won't help me anymore lol. That is awesome you've gone to the same doctor for such a long time... and that being said, I don't think she would do anything that would make you worse! Feel better soon!

    1. That's true... she has known me since I was just a wee lad :) At least it feels that way ... she knew me when I was single - that's crazy to me!


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