Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fat & Fit?

The hubs & I were sitting at the counter eating dinner last night.

A beautiful spinach/feta cheese pizza with mushrooms, olives & jalapenos... mmm... I was just remembering it.  It was delish.

We are an ABC Nightly News kinda family.  Props for Diane Sawyer who is from this area.  Us Louisville gals need to stick together.

But they had a report on last night & the title said, "Fat & Fit?"

They were talking to a doctor who was putting out a study that people who are over the BMI & are considered "overweight" still can be really healthy.

They were interviewing a man who had had a heart attack & was trying to lose weight, but he had been exercising & taking care of himself & all the tests still showed he was over weight... but he had gone through all sorts of tests & his heart is now stronger, his lung function is better, his muscle mass is better...

But that stupid BMI chart.

They talked about how if you look at professional NFL football players, some of them are considered "Obese" on the BMI chart because of their large masses of muscle.  Take the weight & look at your height on the chart & it doesn't add up for everyone.

They were saying that's not an excuse to eat all you want & think you're a perfectly fit person... duh... really?  Did someone think that's possible...(probably)....

In the end, they said, "So you can be considered fat, but you can still be fit"
... & that's when my husband looked over at me & said, "That's you!"

... thanks honey... thanks...

weather girl eyeroll

We laughed, because I do know what he means.

I am considered UP THERE on the BMI chart.... but I still work out 6 days a week.  I get my heart rate up.  I still run.  I still lift weights.  I still work at it. 
& granted, I'm sure the weight I have on me makes me slower (yes, it does) & it makes me winded faster (yes, it does) but I think I can still hang in there with some of the thinner people.

The one positive thing, they said heavier people have more 'reserve weight' on them in case of life threatening illness.  A cushion or a padding, literally, if you will... when you loose weight from an illness, you have some to loose that it won't hurt you...

Look at that - reserve fat can be handy....

So I may be larger, but I think I'm still pretty fit...
Yeah - I think I could be a lot fitter & in a lot better shape... & goodness know I want to be like 3 sizes smaller then I am right now...but at least I'm still trying & not giving up, & maybe everything I'm doing isn't for nothing, even when I can't see it on the scale...

Yep... I'm fit... minus my bicep tendonitis, my knee pain & my back pain... that doesn't count ;)


  1. Aaaahhh all the numbers obsessions. I totally get it... I was there. I wanted a good BMI and a good number on the scale. Now I can't even remember the last time I looked at a scale... probably January when I went to the doctor lol! Numbers are great but they don't tell stories. They are SO black and white! You absolutely can be fit and 'fat'. There are people bigger and smaller than me who finish races way before me and way after me. :0)

    1. That's so true - I remember my first race, I was nervous & looked around & saw people who I thought, "Well, I know I'm in better shape then them"... how stupid did I feel when they all left me in their dust!

  2. The numbers. I bought a scale two weeks ago and then I have to shove it under the bed because I was obsessing with the numbers. You know being in the Army BMI is all there is to it. I never meet my weight and always have to get tape. Always have had even when I was skinny... all because I am so tall. I know people fiter than me that are unhealthy in many ways. Ugh.

    1. That's true - I know some really thin people who eat horribly & really don't take care of themselves.

  3. I have definitely learned not to judge people! There are plenty of larger people who are great athletes and plenty of smaller ones who aren't in that great of shape. I think it is all in how your body feels and how it performs not in the numbers! That pizza sound fab by the way!

    1. I need to step away from the scale is what I'm learning :)


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