Monday, April 28, 2014

First Double Day...

I woke up Saturday & thought, I can't believe its been a week since my half marathon.

You work for so long to get there...

But this past week, I've been doing good on the T25 path.

Stuck to the calendar of what to do - except it has Saturday as your rest day.  I actually took mine on Friday.  So Saturday, with no race, no running planned, I went to grab my T25 schedule....

& then noticed something I didn't pay attention to before...

There's 2 work outs for the day...

exactly my reaction when I looked at the calendar

Saturday called for the lower Focus & the Cardio...

Oh sweet mother of all things fitness... this was going to be tough.

I actually started with the Lower Focus & then thought, "Cardio?  I'll go run - I haven't done that in a week anyways"

... & then about half way through, I thought a few things.

1. my allergies are acting up CRAZY & being outside would make it work.
2. I really didn't want to get on the treadmill
3. If I want to see what the 90 days on this program is about, I can't alter it - I want to stick to it.

So I thought, I'll do what it says.

Betty White, Deal

I'll just deal with the schedule & what it says....

... & then I thought I would die...

Thank God for the modifier when I got to the Cardio video.

Truth be told, I should have done Cardio first & then the low body afterwards.  Doing it first, my legs were jello. 

BUT.... I did it... both videos all the way through...

Yep... some calories were BURNED in an hour!

Score for me...

I made it through week 1 of T25... & now we start doing videos all over again in different combos.  I'm so anxious to see how I feel when I go to do workouts for the 2nd/3rd time... if I can feel a difference in my body.

As of this morning, I weighed in & am exactly the same... which still bites fat donuts...

But we'll see what it looks like next week.

I'm still Pressing On!!!

What did you do this weekend to work out?


  1. Good for you! This weekend my fiance came to visit so truly I didn't do anything workout related. It was good to just enjoy life for the weekend. :)

    1. Good for you! Sometimes, working out just isn't the top priority in a life :)

  2. WOOOOO beast mode on! I don't think I've ever done a double day before - that is awesome! Try not to worry too much about the scale, just keep moving forward :0)

    1. Yep... doesn't do any good crying on the scale... let my fast cry as I'm burning it off :)

    2. & that's fat... not FAST... #wordfail

  3. Wow, impressive!!!! I haven't done double days in years. I'm hoping maybe later this summer I can start doing double runs again but thats a ways down the road:)

  4. Wow, good for you for continuing to Press On. I think i'd still be taking it easy after that half!

    1. My hubs said he couldn't believe I was working out the day after the half... I have to say, for a chubby girl, I was impressed with myself :) (Note the post I did on "Fat & Fit" a few days back - haha

  5. Wow, good for you for continuing to Press On. I think i'd still be taking it easy after that half!

  6. you're pretty hardcore, lady! I hate double workouts, lol

    1. Oh believe me, I'm not a fan of 'em myself :) haha


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