Monday, April 7, 2014

Wedding Photography left me sore....

I had a wedding on Saturday, which meant I didn't get in my long run for my first week of taper.

Great, a week with less miles & I STILL can't get it done...

BUT, it has to count that I was on my feet from 10am to 9pm.. has to count for something!

If you've never doing wedding photography, you honestly have no idea how taxing it is.  It puts some other sports to shame.

Here's some highlights of the day on what makes it a tough gig.

* I had to lug out all my equipment to the car, & once there & to my location, I carried it all from the car to the house... that was about a quarter mile away... UP HILL (twice) & then a great slope down.  It was ridiculous.  3 camera bags, 2 tripods,  light poles, bags with reflectors, clipboards, & of course a bag full of snacks. I know how long the day can get... but it honestly is like 40 lbs of stuff I carried... & then got there & had to walk up a flight of stairs with it all.  I was exhausted from the first moment of the day.

I have such a new respect for those soldiers that run in races with backpacks

* I'm on my feet 95% of the day.  We were lucky enough at this wedding to stop for a break because we were ahead of schedule.  They offered us food & we obliged.  Again, something that never happens.  For me, it was a lot of meat stuff, so I had a plate full of fruit - which is exactly what I needed.   So we did sit for 15 minutes.  Other then that, on our feet the ENTIRE day.  Walking from one location to the next - keeping bride & groom separate.  At the end of the day, I believe I had gone 7 miles.

* 7 miles standing all day feels worse then running 10 miles on a treadmill.  Ain't no joke.

* Because of the fruit, I actually got to pee twice in a full day.  That's how extreme this is on my body.  No time for fluids.  That night when I got home to upload pictures, I went through 3 sparkling seltzer waters in an hour.  I could feel my body dehydrated.


* Hold 2 cameras around your neck & in your hands all day... my biceps are literally still sore from the day.  Who needs weights or kettlebells?  Pump some cameras with speedlites on them for 10 hours.  You'll be ripped.

yeah, my arms are still look like this
even though they are sore as all get out

* My big toes always end up hurting on wedding days.  I have no idea why... its just my big toes.  Excruciating pain.  Usually at every wedding reception, I'm shoeless & running around in socks.  I need to find some Brooks that will work with dressy wedding clothes.

* My total calories I ate for the day were under 650... watch, I'll still gain this week.

Feed me

So yeah, by the time I got home, got the equipment BACK in my house, got pictures uploaded, it was 12:30am.... so no run for me

... but you can bet your buttons I'm marking it on my calendar as a work out day.

All my photographer buddies just said, AMEN!


  1. I've actually read that part of half marathon/marathon training is just getting used to being on your feet for long periods of time. I say this absolutely counts 110%!!! Great job Saturday!

    1. Long period of time? 3 hours will feel like a vacation compared to 10 hours on my feet :)

  2. I can so relate to this and it is one of the reasons I no longer advertise wedding photography haha! I have had an inquiry to shoot a wedding in August but thankfully they only want portraits and not full day coverage. My last wedding I worked from 7am - 8pm with a half hour break to eat my packed lunch in my car!

    1. Half Hour? Lucky you!!! :) We did a wedding one time where we literally ate 2 pieces of cheese for an entire 12 hours. It was RIDICULOUS! Wedding photography is hard stuff!

  3. Phew! I'm tired just reading about your day.

  4. I totally get you on the standing is worse than running 10 miles!!!
    I don't do wedding photography, but I am a wedding decorator so I totally know what you mean about them being a workout, in fact I think they are some of my best weekly workouts, LOL...
    Hope you can get that run in this week:)


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