Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Now what?

Its always so weird after a race is done, isn't it?

I mean, you invest so much time in training. 

I have on my calendar exactly what the training was for that day. 
I have canceled appointments or rescheduled them when my long runs hit on the weekend.
Life revolves around training.

& then the race happens... & BAM, its over & its like, "What now?"

Its just like when you plan for a wedding.  All that time on the details & when the wedding is over, you wake up the next day & say, "You mean I don't have to call the florist to change the flower order again?"

Life just feels like something is missing...

I will say, after this last half marathon, I woke up on Sunday feeling fantastic - only my blister hurting & my legs just a slight bit of tightness.  Nothing that felt like I was miserable. 

I told Ricky I could even go running on Monday...

But I've decided not to.

I'm taking the running down for a bit. 

Oh, I'll still do it.  No doubt.  It was a beautiful day yesterday & I was itching at the bit to run....

But I started on Monday my next 90 days - I'm going through the whole T25 program.

I'm going to see if I can get some of this weight off & get my body toner & tighter...
I want to become a better runner & I think this is a good way to get it started.

I actually took my measurements to see what the difference will be in 90 days...
there BETTER be a difference!

I found out that the right side of me is a half inch bigger too... fun fact...

Yes, I'll still sneak in some 5k's...
I love some Jost Running medals so I know I'll be doing a 5k at least every month...


I'm excited to get my body in better shape...

& I can't wait to start looking ahead at my future races.

I already have the next Kentucky Derby miniMarathon marked on my calendar for 2015... have a Fall half marathon in mind. 

But these next 90 days?  I'm going to turn into a fitness BEAST!



  1. Nice!! I've heard T25 is a great training plan. You should do a before/after pic! What fall half marathon do you have in mind??

    1. I'm looking at the Women's Running Magazine race they put on in Nashville in the fall...
      Believe me - I have the PERFECT before picture - my race picture. OMGosh! I look like a beached whale.. its ridiculous :(

    2. Girl you are so silly! You are beautiful! I have the T25 but when I started my half marathon + weights it seemed overwhelming. But I am going to restart. Good luck to us!

    3. That's exactly what I did - I used it as my cross training but didn't feel like I was getting the full effect of it, so excited to start off doing it from the beginning. Yep - good luck to us both!!! :) We're gonna be buff machines :)

  2. I know that feeling of "Now what"! Maybe sign up for a smaller race this summer, but first I think you should figure out what caused that nasty blister on your foot! Does it still hurt? We have some blister tips we will post soon.

    1. Can't wait to hear your blister tips. I'm not sure what caused it. Its why I bought new shoes a few months ago because I was getting them (not as bad) when I got to mile 8 in my training...I don't know if I'm coming down different on my foot? ... I will say, it healed up quickly - thank goodness.


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