Friday, April 4, 2014



* I'm shooting a wedding tomorrow.  Let me tell you... you think running long distances are hard?  But have you ever shot a wedding?  Its TOUGH... I mean TOUGH!!!!  I will be on my feet from 10am till about 10pm.. & I don't get to stop to eat, I don't hardly drink... which actually means I actually will even pee once during the whole day.  Wedding photography - the ultimate extreme sport!

Wedding photography - STILL harder then getting eaten by a shark!

* My doctor tested me for a deficiency in Vitamin D this week & called & told me I was "Extremely EX-TRE-ME-LY" deficient in it.  I'm supposed to take so much Vitamin D this month, its ridiculous.  I'm just anxious to see what it does to my stomach... & if it makes me feel better.

* I look up what causes Vitamin D deficiency... it says if you are a vegetarian, that is a huge thing.  But I also saw the words, "caused by cancer or MS"... this is why I hate looking up anything medical

*  The Diet Bet I was a part of ends next week... & I'm a loser... I'm still stuck at the same stupid weight I've been stuck at for the past 6 months. WHY?!?!??!

* Speaking of weight - I ran about 17 miles last week, tracked all my food - staying under my calories for the week... & gained one pound for the week.  ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??

* I tried on a pair of jeans today that used to be my favs... they were so tight, I had to take them off. Couldn't stomach (literally) wearing them all day long.  Yes, I may have just sat down in the middle of the floor & cried.

* In Women's Running Magazine this month - look at the race that was featured!!!

Home sweet home

* I'm starting to get all my links together for the Boston Marathon so I can make sure I'm ready to pull it up on my screen on April 21st... I remember watching it last year at work & then it went off not too long after the elite winners crossed.  Then seeing all the buzz on Twitter about an explosion at Boston. I thought they were talking like an explosion as a good thing.  Like an explosion of healthy people in one area... little did I know..
Still unbelievable
* Already saying prayers for confidence for all the runners this year... make a statement Boston runners!  you can't be stopped!

Anything you need to get off of your chest today?


  1. Vitamin D deficiency sucks. Have you ever had your thyroid checked? Just asking because some of those symptoms can be thyroid related.... not that you have cancer! :)

    1. You're just really trying to tell me I have cancer, aren't you? ;)
      Yes - they actually did test my thyroid & that came out ok...

  2. I still can't believe what happened at Boston last year as well :0( I will be praying constantly that nothing bad happens this year. I know that security has taken a lot of extra measures, but you just never know sadly.

    I had to giggle a little at that South Park meme... WebMD is so dangerous! I have one symptom of something that is no big deal and I always end up finding out I have some incurable disease! That being said, I do hope your vitamin D deficiency is easily remedied over the course of the month and everything goes back to normal soon!

    Good luck and have fun shooting the wedding this weekend!

    1. I've had huge anxiety attacks from looking at WebMD... its ridiculous. I heard that they try to give bad news to make people worry on purpose just so people WILL go to the doctor. Sneaky....

      Boston runners -brave!!! I'd be nervous. I still get nervous in our local races. My husband has always said that in the corral's that its like a human rat cage that someone could take everyone out... the way my husband thinks may be scary. I'll add that to my confessions :)

  3. I loved running the KY Derby Festival! It's insane how much Vit D you can safely take!


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