Friday, April 25, 2014


Friday... time to spill my guts...

* Got my race pictures & goodness gracious - I literally sat & cried.  I knew I had gained weight.  I didn't know I looked so awful. The picture in front of the "Finishers" board, I know better.  I'm a photographer. I don't know why I positioned by body to look so wide.  #Photofail #beachedwhale

* I will have to buy one of the pictures though - the one with me & the hubs running across the finish line.  Still debating if I'll post it anywhere though.  Its good memories though so I have to buy it.

* If anyone goes & looks up the pictures online, you aren't my friends & you never will be.

* Scary to think awful race pictures are out for the world to see for years to come... yikes...

How I looked when I saw my race pictures

* I can't make myself buy flavored coffee in the K-cups.  Have you ever read the ingredients on those?  Disgusting. I'd rather just buy it at Starbucks & not have the ingredients in front of my face.

I can drink in so much more peace without reading words I can't pronounce
* Day 5 of T25 ... I can't wait to do next week to see if I can tell a difference yet.

* I miss running.  I think I may venture out to do a 5k this weekend... in between 2 baby photo sessions I'm doing.  Maybe I'll just bench press the babies as my work out for the day.

* I can't tell you how happy I am to turn off the alarm on the clock tonight.... I haven't been able to sleep in for the past 3 weekends.  Tomorrow is my day.  I need to inform the dogs of this.

Good Morning
Don't even TRY to get me out of bed early tomorrow

* I am feeling overwhelmed with my schedule... I'm trying to focus on one day at a time.  I'm feeling a full on panic attack gearing up deep inside.

* Got 3 new pairs of Fila running shorts from Kohl's online... I think it's probably my best purchase I've gotten in awhile. They fit great. Hard to find good running shorts that don't do weird things.
Anything you need to get off your chest?


  1. I am with you on the ignorance is bliss sentiment. I would much rather eat my food/drink my yummy coffee without knowing all the junk that is in it ;) #guilty

  2. I have never dared to check the ingredient list on my beloved coffee LOL. Blissful indeed.

    You should post your pictures! We are so critical of ourselves and 99.9% of the time other people don't notice what "faults" we see in ourselves. We just want to cheer for our Amazing Rebecca smashing another race!!!

  3. Aww, have a fun time doing the baby photo session!

  4. It's post like this that make me thankful I don't drink coffee (or caffeine) anymore...ignorance is totally bliss! I can't wait to hear all about your T25 progress and thoughts. Also, don't be so critical of your photos, we are our own worst enemies! <3

  5. I have found that race pictures rarely turn out good. They always photograph the worst possible angle! That is the reason I almost never buy my race pictures lol.

    What ingredients are in K-Cups?! I am curious now!

    1. If you look at any flavored coffee & the ingredients, its full of unpronounceable things!!! Coffee is usually just 100% coffee... add flavor & the list is like 75 long of weird words. Scary.


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