Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spotlight: Kentucky Derby Festival marathon

So I always get excited when my favorite magazine, Women's Running, comes in the mail.  The one this past month, as I was flipping through, I saw our local race... the one I'm a part of (hopefully) this weekend...

It's always fun to read up on the local area & see it through other's eyes...
& while I think they did a great job of naming incredible places, I think it focused on some of the top notch areas to eat at & stay at & check out...
I thought, why not do this from a local's point of view?
So here we go...
They suggest you shop at Blue Mile for a running store & Why Louisville for a local check out the area store...

.... my thoughts?  Check out Pacers & Racers for a local running store. & yes, its in Southern Indiana, but all the area is connected to me.  Plus, you can check out the Fleet Feet in Louisvile - another nice running store.
& if you're REALLY cheap like me, just head over to Old Navy or TJ Maxx to find some running clothing that ain't going to break a bank.

For the local quirky side, I say check out Louisville Stoneware to find some of the most beautiful pottery around. I think they just opened up a new showroom!

And if you're visiting from out of town, another neat place to visit is Louisville Glass Works where you can be a part of making your own souvenir.  It's Easter too & I think they have a special on making your own Easter Egg.

They mentioned how the course runs through Irquois Park (which is for the marathon only - the half marathon doesn't go that direction. thoughts?  the best part of the run is going through Churchill Downs - Obviously!  The race is part of the magic of Derby week(s) around here & to run around the inside of the track & see horses galloping around you & to see the Twin Spires?  It takes the idea of pain away when you hit it around mile 7


They suggested the fancy-schmancy place of 610 Magnolia, which IS pretty cool because Edward Lee from "Top Chef" owns & heads up the kitchen there.  I've never been there... because again, I'm not rich...but it would be neat to eat there & catch a glimpse of Edward Lee

...but my suggestion?  I'm going the totally opposite way - but if you're in the area, I think you should try WW Cousins .  It's a local burger place... & yes, I'm a vegetarian recommending a burger place.  But they have the BEST salad bar.  It's tiny, but its so yummy!  And they also have soup you can get (though only on select days is the soup vegetarian)  If you do eat meat, they have a 40 free toppings bar to put whatever you want on your burger.  And the best part of the trip?  They have a counter to get homemade cookies & pies & Blue Bell ice Cream...

This place won't break your wallet.


They suggest 21C Museum Hotel & The Brown Hotel... which I'll be honest are GORGEOUS hotels, but I'm sure are a little costly.

... my thoughts?  Well, obviously since I live around here, I don't have to stay in a hotel so I don't have much on opinions here, but I will say, I've done photography in The Galt House & its beautiful there.  And the best part, its right on the river.  Get a room where you can look out & see the bridge & the beauty of the river at night time... Not to mention, the race starts literally on the same street & you can walk back after the race.

It's an exciting time around here... 18,000 runners gathering up... I love when I see people from different areas of the country coming for this big race...

Welcome to our home town... where horses & bourbon rule for 2 weeks :)


  1. Thanks for the overview and all of your tips! I'm excited to be running the race for the first time on Sat!

    1. You'll love it... its a great race & an awesome atmosphere!

  2. I love Bluebell ice cream, but I can get it in the grocery store here! Do y'all not have it where you live?

    I will always recommend TJ Maxx & Marshalls for awesome deals on fitness clothing! I've found most of my running costume pieces at those places!

    1. We do actually have it, but just like soft drinks taste better out of the tap in restaurants, ice cream tastes better out of the scoop in yummy cones :) ... They actually have homemade cookies that I DIE for... sugar cookies with icing!! I now want to drive out just for that :)

  3. So fun when your local race is featured like that, once Runner's World featured the Montana Marathon and i was in the picture they used. So exciting!

    also 40 toppings for your burger! I would be in heaven!

    1. I'd have that picture framed & posted everywhere... your magazine debut :) haha!

  4. Yeah for Pacers and Racers! I love that store and we only go there to get our shoes, running socks, etc. I hate that it feels like we need to take out a 2nd mortgage after a trip BUT I'm all for supporting a local store. And they sponsor the track club for the elementary schools. I've never had any issues with anything I've bought from there. Tip: YMCA members get a 10% discount -- that helps too! :) For the restaurants, I probably would also recommend the New Albanian and the New Albany Exchange. (Guess where I live ... )

    Good luck to all the KDF marathon and mini runners!! I hope to be out there with you next year! :)

    1. I love Pacers & Racers too!!! The only place I like to get my stuff...

      Yipee for New Albany :) Hoosiers stick together :) (I actually live in Indiana but work & grew up in Louisville so I consider myself both a Hoosier & a Bluegrass Babe) :)

  5. The Kentucky Derby and the festival both are fantastic fun and, as a lifelong Louisvillian, I welcome you to the event and to our fine city. Just keep in mind that there are some things you should do while here and some things you probably shouldn’t, at least if having fun is your motivation. If you really want fun and feel relax then book a Kentucky Derby Rentals


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