Thursday, February 27, 2014

Welll, that worked out well...

I actually did a post a few weeks ago about how I was so mad that a race that I have done for the past 5 years had moved.

The race organizers got in touch with me & actually reimbursed me my funds for it.

I was glad of that but still bummed that I was going to miss out on a race that I look forward to every year.

Let me tell you - the running fairies must have been looking out for me because this race sounded like it was a complete & utter mess.

I got up on Saturday - sick - & pulled up Facebook to see pictures & updates from my running friends that I knew would be there.

I'm, if anything, someone who pours salt in a wound.

I want to be there - & if I'm not - I'll make myself miserable by looking at everyone else's good times.

Side Note:  Sunday, I did the exact same thing with Disney's Princess Half Marathon.

I must like to torture myself.

Anyways - I just keep seeing pictures of people stuck in traffic.  Later see more posts that the race has been postponed because of all the havoc.  The news crew that goes out to show the race kept giving updates.

Finally, a half hour later, they started the race, with THOUSANDS of people still stuck on the road.


First of all, I am very public about my hatred of sitting in traffic & how car sick I get.  Yes, car sick in a non-moving car.  Let's not even talk about the claustrophobia.

But people were still trying to make it to the race & hit the start line, no matter when.  That's what race chips are for - right?  WRONG... apparently, the web site made everyone's time start at the race time... which wasn't even the right race time. 

PLUS, people that did arrive even later after making it through traffic - they found the start line had already been picked up.

NOT TO MENTION, everyone said the route was anything but desirable.  It was hilly when this is supposed to be a family friendly 5k, it was dangerous where traffic was an issue, apparently the path had many areas where tripping was an issue. 


oh hell to the no

THEN... is this crazy, or what?... I heard the traffic getting OUT of this place was just as bad.

OH my gosh... All I can say is I'm so glad I trusted my instinct & raised cane about the move & didn't plan on doing it in the end after all...

Let's see if they have it there next year.

Guess who won't be there for the 2nd year.  A new trend to count.


  1. Holy moly!! That is ridiculous!! Obviously the changes were a BAD idea. Maybe next year they'll go back to where it used to be, where it actually is enjoyable, and you can run it again! I hate being stuck in traffic as well and Houston is the worst during rush hour. I am so grateful I have a really short commute.

    1. I seriously FREAK OUT in traffic. I always say I get all "Ricky Bobby" from Talladega Nights & want to just run down the road screaming.

  2. Sheesh! Rubbing that salt in the wound turned out to make you feel better, though, didn't it? ;)

    1. It FINALLY paid off to torture myself! ... & yes, I did have a smug look on my face the whole morning saying "I told you so" :)

  3. Ha! I was there ... and it sucked. But this being our first time running it, we didn't have anything to compare it to. Darn tootin' - if it's at the same location next year, I'm skipping it. You made a good call. Next up is the 10k (my longest mileage ever) and then the 10-miler (inconceivable mileage amt!) ...

    1. High Five on not knowing the other path :) Good luck on the rest of the Triple Crown!!!! The 10K is my favorite race of all time - enjoy it!

  4. I remember you blogging about this race earlier. Glad you were able to get a refund! Next year you will be at the princess half marathon race with us right?

  5. I remember you blogging about this race earlier. Glad you were able to get a refund! Next year you will be at the princess half marathon race with us right?

  6. I am SO glad I didn't race this one either!! I have a friend who did it, and got to the start line an hour late because of traffic. Hopefully the next 2 races won't be this bad!!

  7. oh my god girl, looking through your archives and i cant help but comment on this. we got there early, did a little back roads driving - interstate was horrible. they started almost half an hour late and everyone was so effing pissed off, booing at the announcers and all that. it was a horrible race, seriously, worst ever. i dont think i'll do it again, unless they change it back to the old course.


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