Monday, February 17, 2014

Training 02/10-02/16/14 ... with a virtual race...

Another week of moving, moving...

Feb 10 - Monday
2.77 miles (3 min Walk/1 min Run x 10)
Did this late & it was almost two late.  I didn't want to do it. But it was thanks to laughing at the dumb moves of the ladies on the Bachelor that got me through it.  I probably said, "Really?" & "Ewwww" a few too many times.

My reaction to Juan Pablo lately

My knees felt really tight but did OK with moving up the intervals from 8 to 10
Sleep: 6:17
Steps: 10,442

Feb 11 - Tuesday
Crunch Master Sculpt
This is an old school work out.  I like that old school work outs focus a lot on inner thighs.  Something you don't see a lot of any more.
you just have to ignore the fashion of the 80's in these videos...
Sleep: 7:18
Steps: 4,360

Feb 12 - Wednesday
Check out my post from last week on my thoughts of that...

In honor of a downward dog, its a yawning cat

But getting more flexible - so I'll keep on
Sleep: 7:02
Steps: 3,766

Feb 13 - Thursday
2.78 miles (3 min walk/1 min run x 10)
Right knee was feeling it bad.  My runner's knee was really flared up.  This was how I ended up actually

Hello ice pack, my old friend

Sleep: 7:31
Steps: 10,423

Feb 14 - Friday
Valentine's Day
Sleep:  7:15
Steps: 3.529

Feb 15 - Saturday
3:10 (3 min walk/1 min run)   424 cal burn
Used this as my Jost Running virtual Race ... I just love these medals every month.  So cute & creative...

Sleep: 8:29
Steps: 11,038

Feb 16 - Sunday
Sleep: 8:34
Steps: 6,980

Another week done...

We got into next week where my long run is up to 6 miles.

Fingers crossed my runs get OUTSIDE this week too...
Please Lord... let it be...

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  1. Cute virtual race medal!! Also, those 80's workout videos seriously work - the outfits may be crazy but those exercises make buns & thighs burn! lol


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