Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Protein Powders... which to choose...

I had the yummiest smoothie for breakfast yesterday...

it was pink & lovely & made me think of all things Valentine's Day coming up.

Looks like strawberry milk, doesn't it?

Why so pink?  It has fresh cut strawberries in it.  I usually add spinach that makes it green or gives it some weird brown color - which always looks appetizing....

but left it out this time.

And this is actually a new protein powder I am trying.  I've gone through a few different kinds & still trying to find the right niche of powders.

What am I using now?  Trying out the Arbonne Vanilla Protein Powder

It actually is really good.  My Arbonne representative (& friend) told me she's not a fan of protein powders but she uses it.  She didn't give it credit because its really good.  Or maybe I've just had some horrible protein powders in the past?

The one thing I really like about it - its vegan - & all natural.  I'm big about that.  I don't like artificial junk in my protein powder.  I really want to try & get something out of giving up actual food you chew ... Arbonne is supposed to be known for no 'junk'.  I also like the protein content & the calories.  Its a little higher then another one I tried before, but it tasted better too.  It blends really well & doesn't have a gritty taste that is familiar with protein powders.  I really am enjoying this one.

I will say, this one did not keep me full at first & my friend recommended adding yogurt, so I got some Stonyfield French vanilla yogurt & added it in... it really helped.. & added to the vanilla taste.

Now granted - I've only taken if it for a few days so we'll see how it settles on me over the next few days - the whole more energy thing, feeling better thing... or if I grow a horn or something...

Price - about $70.00 for a 30 day supply ... not that budget friendly...

The Nutritional facts on Arbonne

Before my Arbonne, I used Plant Fusion... again, another vegan plan based protein.

This one I used for months.  Its not bad.  This is one I had to add some sort of fruit to though - not too tasty when you just mix it with a liquid.  I would have to use soy milk too - not just water.  But it wasn't bad.

The one thing I liked about this one, the protein is the highest - 21g with 120 calories.  I was also able to get this at my local health food store for like $45 a jug - it would last me about a month or two.

I would definitely use it again.  It never made me feel bad or upset my stomach - I even recommended it to many friends... still would.

Plant Fusion

The one protein powder you see a lot of - especially if you have friends who are all about BeachBody products is the Shakeology.

I did buy a sample box when they had it one time & I will admit, it was pretty good.  The chocolate was actually scrumptious if I dare use that word with a protein powder.
But if you have been around for awhile in the 'trying to get fit' area & you checked this out, you see its a PRICEY product...

One bag is like $130...

YIKES... & yes... $130 for one bag.

& yes, people jump up quick & tell you that if you bought all the food nutrition that is in it, it actually SAVES you money.  I'm not sure about that.... but I do know I'll invest if it makes me feel better.

I just haven't been able to make myself hit the "buy" button on the full bag though.

I will say, the one reason I could see myself buy this product is not so much the protein, but it has a good vitamin/nutrition value per shake.  Its like drinking vitamins... except yummy vitamins.

Call it Flintstones for adults.

The bad thing, its hard to find a legit review on the product.  BeachBody representatives are every where like some sort of secret FBI that jump & take over reviews & tell you the benefits...

& granted, they may be right... but bottom line, I still have a hard time forking out $130 a month for protein powder. 

I know the Arbonne is $70 & I'm not too thrilled with that either, but at least that's nearly half...

I've also tried 'samples' of some others

Raw Protein from Garden of Life, which was a little gritty to me... I think I need to try mixing it a different way.  This one looks interesting to me with the vitamins in it as well.  Also love that its organic.

Also the Vega products...

Again, it was VERY powdery & had a weird taste.  I keep hearing great things about Vega though & it has been awhile since I tried it - It was even a different label & different name.  It wasn't called "Nutritional shake" when I bought it.... I need to give it a try again.

I've also never tried but hear a lot of good things about GNC's Lean Shake... I need to check out that label & keep an eye out for a sale.

So have you tried any of these?

Have a favorite?

What is your best mix of things to make the perfect smoothie?


  1. I've never been a protein powder person. If I make a smoothie, I just use a mixture of fruits/almond milk/greek yogurt/veggies. I think the main reason I don't use it though is the cost - they are always so expensive, and I can get lots of real protein from other foods that cost less. That's my frugal side speaking though!

  2. I agree with Lauren! -. I make smoothies with fruits and veggies and I don't think the protein powder really adds anything extra for me ( that I can't get out of the foods I enjoy). I do have a box of Vega one though because it was sent to me for free and I think it's pretty good but wouldn't spend the money on it. ( I guess i'm frugal too)

  3. I drink the Visalus protein shake. I've tried the Arbonne and Shakeology, and wasn't too impressed with either one. But Vi Shape shakes are awesome!! They taste like cake batter, and I mix with almond milk and frozen strawberries. Yum!! I think if you buy it from a dealer, it's around $100, but I get it on ebay for around $40. You should try it!

  4. Definitely check out the label on the GNC one, we like it :)


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