Thursday, February 13, 2014

Why is it so BORING?

Wednesday - my cross training day.
The day I try not to push myself too hard knowing I'm getting miles in again running on Thursday, but wanting to still get a good workout.
So what do I do?  Work on my flexibility & some strength
I turn to yoga....
& this is, I'm realizing, how I feel about yoga.
Oh my gosh...
Its so freaking BORING!!!!!
First of all, the music.  I'm a music girl.  I need some beats to pump me up, make me want to move.  I always say my body doesn't move unless I have some music blaring in my ears... preferably by the Black Eyed Peas...
Yoga - ain't no Fergie showing up there...
she's more of a runner
probably listening to her own voice
I also don't get the whole mind/body connection thing.
I wish I did.
But I can never even breath right.
Yoga is about breathing in & out of the nose
 I can't help it - I'm a mouth breather when I work out
Call it all the training from when I was in marital arts & had to blow out when punches were delivered...
Or when I played tennis - you blow out when you hit the ball to give more strength behind the ball...
& I hate I don't "feel" like I had a work out.
I mean, I did a 40-minute video of Yoga yesterday
It incorporated the basics, then some focus on abs (which I will give props too - my abs are feeling it today) & then onto a burning yoga session & finished up with a flexibility, stress reducing yoga...
& in the end?
My Polar said I burned 125 calories
For 40 minutes of working out?
I could march in place watching TV for 40 minutes & burn more then that...
Granted - I do feel like its helping me in flexibility
But I'm still stiff as a board...
And to conclude it all...
I'll still do it
Just because I like a challenge
& need something in my life to complain about.


  1. Haha you know, before I started doing yoga I thought I would feel like this. I was like, how could something like this provide anything other than boredom?! I was so wrong about it though, I LOVE yoga. It goes by so fast for me. I don't do it to burn calories - I do it to help my flexibility and decrease my stress levels, and I loooove how relaxed I feel afterwards!

  2. I like doing the Yoga for runners with the Xfinity Bands. You should try that. You get in the flexibility and the bands keep it interesting. And it doesn't focus that much on breathing!

  3. I wish I could do Yoga. I think I am too ADD. I would do yoga if it moved faster!!


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