Friday, February 7, 2014

1,600 calories to the media

So the story of The Biggest Loser is everywhere.  Definitely more attention to this one then any other season. 

Talking to Chris Powell on Good Morning America - popping up on Inside Edition & Entertainment tonight - & of course, the trainers staying quiet, which makes a LOUD statement...


But last night on one of the shows, they were talking about Rachel's diet.  That she limits herself to 1,600 calories...

Do you know what those ignorant people did?

They said, 'THIS is 1,600 calories"... & they held up a bowl of something full of chocolate & a cream filled donut.

No joke.

That's what they were instituting was all she ate in a day...

I honestly laughed.

I mean, on my own calorie tracking device, my calorie intake is only supposed to be like 1,450 calories a day, before any exercise is included.

& yes, they said Rachel works out hours during the day, so her intake should be MUCH higher... that's not my point.

My point is that they totally gave the wrong impression of calories.  They made it look like all you can eat are 2 things during the day - giving the impression that no one can live on that - let's eat more.... of the unhealthy food like donuts & all things chocolate.

All this equals 1,200 calories

Not saying this picture above is what you SHOULD eat for 1,200 calories - but there's half of a burger & fries & a stack of bread...

You can eat all day long on 1,600 calories if you did it right...

For the normal every day person, 1,600 could be incredible amount of healthy food.

I kept thinking, this is what's wrong with our obese country.  People really have no idea how to really understand how many calories are in our food - how to figure it out for every meal, much less for a day.

heck, I DO understand it & its still a struggle. 

But our media just makes it even more confusing for the average joe who now thinks they can have a diet of a bowl of chocolate & a cream filled donut for the day only & look like Rachel...


I tell you what though, it made me never want a cream filled donut again for the rest of my life... I knew it had a lot of calories, but didn't know it had THAT many...

I'd much rather have a plate of kiwi & some apples & have a TON of calories to still use for the rest of the day.

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  1. It's crazy how many calories really are in those sweet foods!! Always astounds me. That is just ridiculous they are saying all she eats are those foods too!! If you eat the right foods, 1600 calories is a very easy calorie budget to stick with - even though I strongly feel she needs to eat more than that due to the amount of exercise she gets.


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