Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Biggest Loser finale...FEED THAT GIRL!

I used to do posts here the day after the Biggest Loser...

sorta got side tracked on that... but I still never missed the show.

Love everything Bob Harper... Jillian & especially Dolvett

Why does Dolvett look like a small child with his parents here?

(isn't he the best new add on the show ever got?)

Anyone else remember when Sabrina the Teenage Witch's aunt was the host?

yeah - shows you how long I've watched.

But Finale night is what its all about.  The makeovers.  The results.  See old alumni from the past seasons...

I loved these sisters on their season!

I always love seeing past contestants come back for the final weigh in & looking so healthy...

Look at my Velvet Teddy Bear!!! ... & there's the at home winner in the middle - fantastic!

I was also glad this year they waited to show the final 3 contestants to the end.  The past few years, they've showed a few of them at the beginning, which I always thought was stupid & took the air out of the balloon...

But what I wasn't prepared for was the SHOCK of how thin some of them were.

I thought Bobby looked great.  He looked so different in his face, but like himself.  He looked happy & like he mentioned himself - confident.

I was a little shocked at David... I mean we were totally taken back during makeover week when he shaved the beard & the difference that made... but something about his face at the finale, it just looked so thin.  I was concerned when I saw him.

.... & then my concern jumped to alarm when I saw the last contestant, Rachel.


Get that girl a donut QUICK!  Or at least a protein bar... SOMETHING!

I get she was an athlete & I get she was all about being the winner, but isn't something a little off with this?

She's now down to 105 lbs - which is kinda crazy... loosing over 60% of her body weight?  A size 20 to a size 0/2 ... those numbers aren't just turned around - they're just plain NUTS!

She was almost unrecognizable to me... her arms look so small, like they would break.  I think even the trainers were shocked at the size.


I give her props for taking off the weight... its a tough thing to do...

But where is the line between thin & healthy?  I think they crossed it this year...


  1. I just watched...I feel the same way! I love seeing how they transform, but seriously, when Rachel walked out I was alarmed! When she got on the scale I literally thought she wouldn't be over 100...that is not healthy :( I don't know if you saw Jillian's face, but she looked shocked. Hopefully she just went crazy in order to win and will get to a normal weight, but I am with you...get that girl a cheeseburger!!

  2. A line was definitely crossed. I don't know what Rachel did when she left the ranch, but she looked amazing the last week on the ranch - I don't think she needed to lose that much at home. I hope that she is getting the help she needs.


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