Tuesday, February 25, 2014

#HappyFitMarch Challenge

I love sharing challenges...

I'm never smart enough to come up with them myself so I'm thankful for the cool blog friends that care enough to do so.  And then its my job to share their awesomeness & get more people involved.

So The incredible Happy Fit Mama is doing a challenge for March
(You can find her blog at www.happyfitmama.com )

Its called #HappyFitMarch Challenge.

Take a look at what's involved for March

#HappyFitMarch Challenge  HappyFitMama.com

What a cool challenge.

Easy enough to do, but something every day to make it a healthy day.

If you go to her blog, you can find her link ups to twitter, facebook & Instagram & then be sure to use the handy dandy hashtag #HappyFitMarch on whatever you choose to post your day on.

I may be everywhere with this.. on Instagram (my link is on the sidebar) & I may do some actual posts on some of these...

its going to be a good March!

you going to join in?


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