Wednesday, February 26, 2014


That time again...

Time to put it all out there
Confessions this week:

* I haven't been able to eat due to a sinus infection. Its always hard to chew when you can't breath through your nose.  So you'd think I'd loose weight ... & you'd be wrong.  I got on the scale & gained 1.5 lbs... seriously?

* But on my normal weigh-in day, I was at my usual weight.  So that makes 13 weeks at the same weight. ... geez...

* I had a Cadbury Egg.  This is a confession, but its also a good one because I don't think I love anything sweet more then Cadbury eggs. I usually buy them the day after Christmas & get one every time I'm in the grocery, or Target, or the gas station - wherever they may be.  So I gave in & had one. 

* My fat jeans - those jeans you wear that are loose & give you room in the waist?  They're tight.  That's depressing.

* Being sick & not being able to work out for 4 days in a row makes me feel like a gigantic blog.  I feel like when I don't work out, I can FEEL the lbs coming on.  Even though I don't eat.  But look back at confession #1 - it comes anyways.  Exercise is my only weapon I have.

* I actually contemplated running when I had a fever....

* My voice sounds like a man with my sore throat.  James Earl Jones has nothing on me.

* I consider Raisinets a health food.  The Dark Chocolate ones?  Its dark chocolate AND fruit... how can it not be?

See - says Fruit & antioxidants right on the cover :)

* My husband has my sinus thing/cold happening now.  I feel bad.

* I just want Spring to come so I can open windows & get fresh air in the house.

What's on your chest you need to confess?


  1. Boo for being sick still! Hope you (and hubby) feel better very soon! Cadbury eggs are so yummy, I don't blame you for eating one at all. Girl scout cookies are my weakness!

    My confession? I love race weeks partly because I get to eat more carbs than usual lol Mmmm spaghetti and cheesy garlic bread here I come!

    1. Oh snap... I get girl scout cookies next week.- we already know what will be in my confessions next week :)

    2. Yeah I get mine on Saturday but they won't last long LOL!


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