Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Confessions of the week

My weekly Confessions

* I hit Starbucks 3 times this week... BUT they were all orders made with non-fat milk. Good, right?  ... but confession - one of the times, I went ahead & got the whipped cream topping with chocolate drizzle.  Drats.

* Confession: I'm horribly jealous of all the people going to Disney Princess Half Marathon this weekend.  In my mind, its the whole world, leaving me behind to run in a tutu around my street... not the same...

* Confession -I don't really own a tutu to run in... but its on my MUST GET list.

* Confession:  I saw a girlfriend I went to high school with at Subway at lunch & I hid from her.  She's one of those "has it all together" kinda gals & I sat in my frumpy clothes, at my highest weight & bad hair day... & I put my head down & hid behind my Kindle.  Bad thing, she woulda cared less... but I was embarrassed.  That's a sad confession.

* Confession: I've been craving cake icing lately... don't know why... but I'm doing good not opening the jar. Score one for me.

Tell me this doesn't sound yummy?
Then remind me how many calories are in ONE teaspoon...
Yeah.. why I'm not eating it

* Confession:  I need some good sleep.  I'm needing caffeine to get me through the day.

* Confession:  I changed my running schedule this week to accommodate the warm weather with no rain... & now I'm nervous my body is going to be sore since I worked out the day before a run... hopefully I'll see how strong my body is getting.

* Confession:  I am currently 30 days at the exact same weight... not loosing a pound.  Seriously?  I'm so frustrated... but I guess that's better then gaining a pound too.

me on the scale... every week...

You wanna give your confessions?  It makes you feel better :)


  1. Confession: I need some serious sleep, too. I've been drinking two cups of coffee each day and still go home exhausted. Yesterday I ran 3 miles and felt like death... I mean I was in the car for 4 hours driving from Dallas to Houston so my body probably just wasn't feeling it, but still, I ran 20 miles a week and a half ago - 3 miles should be easier than what it was yesterday!!

    1. Its so weird how our bodies change from week to week... Hopefully we'll have a restful weekend :)

  2. I know what you mean about everyone leaving us for Disney. :(
    I hate that you felt that way about the girl who has it all together. She probably really doesn't.
    My confession...I've eaten way too much ice cream this week, and it's only Wednesday. THIS MUST STOP.


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