Monday, July 28, 2014

Ups & Downs

Where we look at how the weekend went

Well, this is 2 weeks without a work out vlog...

mainly because I was probably home just long enough to sleep this weekend.  No time for a vlog... but it would have been fun to make one while my latest bride was walking down the aisle :)

Let's look back at the weekend

UP // Survived my last wedding!! Survivor is a good thing

DOWN //  On my feet from 8 am until 10:30 pm

DOWN // Messed up my 10,000 step streak on Friday after 10 days!  DANG IT!

UP // Hit over 17,000 steps on Saturday.  That should make up for Friday - right?

UP // a fun bridal party.  When you have such a large one (it was a bridal party of 20 people) it can get out of hand. They were great though.  & only a handful of complainers.  All men.

UP // while they said it would feel like one of the hottest days of the year, I honestly didn't think it was that bad.  I also didn't have on a suit & tie & jacket

UP // my flash started having major issues right before the actual wedding. REALLY?  Then my 2nd flash started having issues. I don't know what the heck happened.  Thank you JESUS I had a 3rd on.

DOWN // I'm going to have to shell out money for new flashes... or new camera?  Please no.

UP // My assistant was back after having her baby.  It was her first day away from her sweet baby for that long of a time.  She was a super trooper. I would have been crying the whole day.  Look what being busy does - helps you forget things.

UP // This bride was STUNNING... her dress... goodness gracious.  I think I may have drooled over jealously over her body....

DOWN //....her body that was 20 years younger.  I'm old.

DOUBLE DOWN // Her parents were my age.... I'm older then I think.

UP // My photos I took of the couple 2 weeks earlier were up larger then life.  It made me proud to see them so large & looking beautiful.

DOWN // I literally only peed once the entire day!  That is so bad on your body.  But I only had one sugar cookie the whole day & about 5 cups of lemonade.  I only started drinking the lemonade about 5 & that was to make sure I didn't pass out when the bride walked down the aisle.  Someone suggested a camelback pack to wear on wedding days.  I wouldn't have time to pee if I wore that though.

DOWN // I was so dehydrated Sunday (day after wedding) - my lips are still feeling like I lived in a desert for 2 weeks.

UP // had a baby session on Sunday.  Sweet baby that slept the entire time.  Give me babies like that every baby session please.

DOWN // I'm tired of looking at my camera right now.

How I feel about my camera right now

UP // I don't have a session until 2 weeks.  Whew

DOWN // I only have about 2,500 pictures to go through now... my bicep tendon arm is already killing me.

UP/DOWN // Its going to be beautiful this week so the struggle of being outside walking or being in editing is going to be tough. I have no time to waste either on pictures.  It will totally be a struggle.

How was your weekend?


  1. you used a doctor who gif. you win at life. oh no thats so scary about your stuff going haywire before the wedding, thank goodness it all worked out! um you are not old. shush.

  2. What a busy weekend! Hopefully you don't have to put out for a new camera!

  3. That is a long day! Women may not have to wear suits and ties, but heels...looking good is all about suffering!

  4. Those pics you took of the bride and groom look beautiful! I have quite a few photographer friends (I actually do the albums for one of them...I'm a graphic designer) and I do NOT envy those post-wedding workloads. I hope your arm stays attached to your body. Oh and the 17000 step day totally counts.

  5. I so wish you could show some of your professional pics on the blog! Is that against policy?

  6. How fun, I love those blown up pictures!
    Crazy, weddings.. I think you are like me, I have a love hate relationship with them. Love most of it, but all that time on the feet and for me all the lifting such a hard painful time for the feet by the end:)
    My last wedding, I wore my fit bit, and just setting it up, I ended up going up 68 flights of stairs. Each of those, I was carrying all the decor, by night when I went back to take it all down, I just stared at the stairs and cringed, LOL

  7. What a weekend whirlwind! Those 17K steps absolutely make up for the day you didn't quite make 10K! I love those blown up pics of the bride/groom. Wish I could see the dress you loved so much! :0)

  8. What a busy weekend!! How stressful that your equipment was giving you problems right before the wedding!! High five for being prepared!! And way to go on the steps!


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