Thursday, July 10, 2014




.... I'm feeling like there is at least one part of my body that is injured that every work out possible hurts me

.... I had a slight freak out ... (crying spell)... about how busy my schedule is... all the way through November. Not even joking.

.... I can't do everything for everyone... I just don't know how to make everyone understand that.

.... I'm so happy Big Brother is back on.

.... I'm addicted to buying tumblers with straws.  #savetheplanet

Yes to ALLLLLLLLL!!!!!!

.... I haven't had a Peach Green Tea Lemonade in over a week.  What is wrong with this picture?

.... As much as I complain about being on the treadmill, I love it when its super hot/super cold.

.... I found a game show while walking on the treadmill last night. Put a game show on in front of me & I'll never get off. It was a crossword puzzle game too.  Even BETER!  I now need to schedule all my treadmill doings around 6:00-6:30

... I love any kind of word puzzles #nerd

... In my Nature Box, they surprised me with Yellow Curry peas.  I hate peas... yuck.  I've never had curry. But I thought I'd give it a try & oh my word. It was delish!  I'm assuming its the curry flavoring?  All I know is I found a new snack that I'm LOVIN'

.... its getting harder every month to pick 5 flavors in my Nature Box. I'm liking so many.

... we had a mouse in our kitchen... YIKES!  But my hubby called this morning & said he heard the trap go off when he left for work. DOUBLE YIKES!  I'd freak out of I heard it. I'm the one who is like, can't we save him & take him back to his family.  Hello Fievel.

.... I made Ricky NOT kill a mouse that was in our garage one time that had babies. We ended up using a broom & scooting him across a quarter acre of our land & into the field across the street.  Seriously!  But there were tiny mice babies hanging onto their momma's back.  It was so cute. How do you kill that???

What's something on your chest you need to confess?


  1. The Amy Pollard GIF currently describes me: everything hurts and I am dying.

  2. I love finding new shows when running on the treadmill! That is how I first discovered I enjoy the following shows: The Middle, Baby Daddy, Melissa & Joey!

  3. Ok, first off, I was reading this post while eating my lunch and reading about the mice made me loose my appetite so much so that I took the cheese off my I love the game show network but don't watch it often (usually only when I am with my sister). We love Lingo! You watch that?

  4. I'm sorry your entire body is hurting, maybe it's time to take a break a few days to a week off and see if things can heal! Positive thoughts going your way that you'll be pain free again soon!
    Love your nerd picture, I must be a nerd because I actually own that Teen Witch 80's DVD, LOL... Hmm maybe I should watch it:)
    Yikes on the mouse, I'm not afraid of them, but I don't like them either. Babies or not, I think I could easily kill them, I know harsh:) Never, had one in the house, but actually we had one that got into our trailer once. It was all that was needed to buy a new trailer and all new camping equipment and dishes pans and such for it:)
    You and my sister would get along great, she is loving those pyrex glass cups and straws too:)

  5. There's no way I could kill them! I used to keep mice as pets. They were so sweet. I kind of hope my daughter wants one when she gets older. :)

    I'm sorry you're in pain and I hope you feel better! I'm riding the pain train right now too and it suuuuuucks! And I have an entire cabinet in my kitchen full of those straw cups. No judgement from me. :)


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