Monday, July 21, 2014

UPS & Downs....

Where we look at how a weekend rolls

DOWN // I forgot to do a Vlog on my weekly work outs... just know it's basically sweating like a freaking dog doing my Nike Kinect.

This is an example of Nike Kinect calorie burn
... just x's that by 4 & that's my week...

UP // I've hit over 10,000 steps for 6 days in a row now. GO ME!!!!

UP // Getting my 10,000 goal a day has become a little obsessive. Which I consider good. Keeping me on my toes. Or at least my feet.

DOWN // I found out my need for iced coffee has become severe. I forgot it Sunday going to church. I thought I would DIE without it. Like my eyes had a life of their own & all they wanted to do was close.

DOWN // deep sleep naps mess me up

UP // my parents celebrated 50 years of marriage... 50 years people!!!

How cute are my parents...

UP // my mother in law celebrated her 73rd birthday

UP // I had no cake on any of these celebrations

DOWN // .... I did have buttermilk pie though

UP // playing rummy can take hours when you play with family who likes to talk & laugh & just have fun.  Not to mention, teaching a 13 yr old girl how to play along the way as well.

UP // I won the 20 hour game of Rummy!

DOWN // I think every single family member hates their job & who they work for.  How sad is that?  Does anyone like their job out there?

UP // the weather for July still has been amazingly wonderful.  I never want the 100 degree temps back.

UP // my kitchen got cleaned up....

DOWN //.... & stayed that way for all of about 10 minutes

UP // Tried Ezekiel bread with tomato & avocado on it... may be my new favorite thing to eat

UP/DOWN // I haven't had a Peach Green Tea Lemonade in about ... I don't even know when... what's wrong with me?  This could go either way on the up/down scale.

UP // I got to photograph a Pet Insurance Company's 10th anniversary party.  Dogs were involved. I was one happy photographer.

DOWN // I have a wedding this weekend.  Weddings make my anxiety go on full force.

UP //... though I do love a beautiful bride to photograph

DOWN // Sydney is struggling eating now. We don't know if its the medicine causing her to not want to eat, or if its her teeth bothering her?  When Ricky hand feeds her, she'll eat.  Leave her to her own will & she won't eat.  We don't know if the medicine IS the reason she won't eat, do we stop it & let her pain get worse?  I hate things in life like this....

UP // I snuck in a bag of Pop Chips to Penn Station for lunch so I wouldn't eat fries.  But goodness knows I can't just eat a sandwich. Pop Chips are da'bomb anyways

How was your weekend?


  1. Congratulations to your parents on 50 years! That is incredible!

    I am far too dependent on coffee now as well. But I won't give it up either lol!

    Coconut water is my favorite way to hydrate!

  2. Your parents are adorable!! What an awesome photo. :)
    I totally hear you on the coffee addiction. I can't believe I'm admitting this to someone, but I have actually cried because I didn't have time to get a coffee before going someplace before. This was awhile ago and I might have it a little better under control now, but man was that embarrassing.

  3. I hope your pup gets better soon. That's so tough seeing them in pain.
    Also, 50 years?! That's amazing and I can only hope Ian and I make it that long :)

  4. 50 years?! daammmn :) aww poor Sydney. I hope she gets better!

  5. Yum, I love pop chips! And what is buttermilk pie? I've never heard of it. Congrats to your parents and hugs to Sydney.

  6. so many great ups!! I love buittermilk pie, my mom used to make it all the time. Congrats to your parents, 50 years is a long time!

  7. Congratulations to your parents! That's a wonderful milestone!

    I don't know what buttermilk pie is but I'm sure that I need a slice.

  8. Sounds like a pretty great week to me! And congrats to your parents!


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