Monday, July 7, 2014

Ups & down... plus a bonus vlog

Where we look at how a weekend rolls

UP // 3 day weekends!!!!

DOWN // Didn't get to sleep any of those days past 6:30... really?!?!!?

UP // The first dog grooming appointment of the day at Pet Smart.  They had my boy done in 2 hours.  Normally its like 4 hours. Snooze.

UP // Found some bargains shopping while waiting on Bruno getting groomed.

DOWN // O'Charley's quit carrying their apple cider vinaigrette salad dressing.  That stuff was THE BEST.  & now its gone.

DOUBLE DOWN //... & they were out of avocado - which is why I like their black bean burger. I told the waiter I was about to turn the table over.

GIVE ME AVACADO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UP // My dad's horse popping up on Instagram.. not by me.  There was  a party next door to my parents & people kept taking pictures.  I happened to look & see a local radio DJ, who must have been at that party, posted the picture of my dad's horse.  #surrealmoments

My dad's horse... my picture... not someone's shotty Instagram pic

UP // Neighbors that have amazing fireworks!  They seriously were better then any local town's fireworks... & we got to sit right under them.

DOWN // poor dogs (& horses) that don't like the popping noise of fireworks.

DOWN // the feeling the thinking you got shot all night long while fireworks are going off

UP // the weather!! Holy Meterologist Dream Batman!  It was a beautiful perfect weekend, all 3 days.  Why can't every day be like that?

UP // Burrito's as big as yo' head ... no joke.  That's what they're called at Chuey's

DOWN // The stress of editing wedding pictures.  It's a tough job. I sat in front of the computer any time I was at home & made great progress of them, but I get so obsessed with wanting to finish them, nothing else gets done. .... & my arm & hands hurt from computer clicking hours on end.

DOWN // My house is neglected due to editing... its like a nightmare in there.  I'd die if someone had to come into my house right now.  Or I may just hand them a broom & a dust rag & tell them to get to work.

This is a lie... it wasn't even clean last week

DOWN // I didn't have time to get to the grocery & I think we have 3 pieces of old stale bread in our cabinet & that may be it.

UP // Watching my hubs & our friend literally wrestle in Penn Station to pay for the food.  Entertainment at its finest for all the visitors.

DOWN // Stopped at Starbucks only to be told, "We don't have lemonade"... WHAT?


UP // #DeadWhiteandBlue weekend on AMC - I caught every episode I could watch of The Walking Dead this weekend.  I want them to do a Breaking Bad weekend now.

& now... I introduce... ME... without make up & looking ratty after a run.

(I can't believe I'm posting myself looking so nasty... but you can't tell me I'm not real)


  1. Please tell me that you ran while wearing pearls! So classy! look stunning. :)

    You have been rocking it out with all of your training. I can't wait to see your review of Piyo.

  2. Oh stop it. You are beautiful. Girl, I cannot watch the Walking Dead. I have nightmares afterwards.

  3. Goodness gracious, has everyone stopped carrying your favorite stuff?! That is just some bad luck!

    Also, you look gorgeous in your Vlog... I can't believe you were just out running!

    And completely unrelated, all that Beauty and the Beast stuff in the background of your blog is awesome. Is that Belle doll the limited release one they made back in like 2011?!

    1. Yes :) I have dolls back from 1995!!!!! My B&B collection is sorta crazy. I should show that next time :)

  4. ugh the only nasty thing is you saying you're nasty! as if lady. sounds like a fabulous weekend, i can't believe your dad's horse is famous!

  5. You have that post run glow thing going on :) I keep thinking I want to try PiYo but I am such a cheapskate I don't want to fork over the dollars for it. Can't wait to hear what you think of it.

    1. It's cheaper then the T25 & P90X ... those things are PRICEY! But you're right - you'll find them on Ebay in a few months - guaranteed :)

  6. Love your Vlog:) Not happy to hear your knee is still causing you trouble, hope you can get into that Ortho soon!!!!!
    Also, love, love your dads horse. Wow, how long did that take, that is awesome!!!!!
    I think picture editing is probably the hardest part of your job I seriously could not do it, it probably takes so much patience:) I think I told you with my companies services we offer a fun photo frame thing. Well one wedding that was indoors where we set up, the lighting in the room kept changing so it was impossible to keep the camera at one setting (and the room was dark). Since we take pictures of the guests as they arrive with fun props and frames, I figured I didn't have time to keep messing with it. So I pulled a no, no by choice and just turned the flash on. Which meant I had to go through and edit every single picture that I took after I did that (there were over 200) and remove the red eye from the guest pictures. They looked great after I was done, but seriously thought I was going to loose my mind. Lesson learned, and now we bring in our own lighting for that area instead. (I know your thinking rookie mistake.) But I am not a photographer, I only fill in when it's a last minute thing.
    Okay, sorry for the novel, LOL

  7. I tried plying your vlog and it told me to try gain so I will come back nd try again! Your dad's horse is so cool. I had to read and look at it twice to make sure it was real and not aa yard ornament!

  8. Ok, I just came back and watched your video (on my PC). I love hearing you talk. You are so sweet! Sorry that your knee is still bothering you:(

    PS. Ask your dad if he can paint my Labrador next 4th of July.....LOL

  9. Loved your vlog! And you are so pretty, so stop it!!
    Sounds like you had some good workouts. Maybe you should hire a housekeeper!

  10. Whatever you are totally cute! I like your vlog and you are way braver than me for posting it. (I hate how my voice sounds.) That is your dad's horse!? That is so freaking cool! How long did it take him to do that??

    1. It doesn't really take that long. That horse is used to it :) He's a good pro at being painted :)

  11. How's your knee feeling? If you did 5 km that must be good news right?! Your Dad's horse is amazing, I would have been taking pictures all night. Too cool :) Glad you had such a fun weekend even though there were no sleep-ins involved

    1. Cochese loved all the attention :)
      My knee isn't great... but keeping ice as my best friend.

  12. PS love the vlog! It's so nice to see you in video (is that creepy?!) I come and read your blog all the time and so it's nice to attach a voice to the posts :)


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