Tuesday, July 1, 2014

#OHM7 ...maybe?

I was giddy excited yesterday.  Why? It's not the 4th of July yet where I plan on sleeping in...

It was the beginning of a new phase.  Back to running.

I hadn't run for 10 weeks while doing the T25 program.  WOW.. 10 weeks.  That's over 2 months. Holy give the treadmill a break Batman!!!

I was surprised how excited I was all day thinking about getting moving & getting in miles again. 

I guess running can do that to you once you catch the runners-bug...

My plan ahead is the Urban Bourban Half Marathon in October.  It will be my 7th... so that's why I've duped it "Operation Half Marathon 7".. or #OHM7 if you see it on Twitter & Instagram.


...I need a hashtag for any event in life...

I got home, pulled out my running shoes - that also has been secure in a box for 10 weeks & laced up.  Headed down to the treadmill because it was like 98 degree heat index & I aint about being super woman in those conditions... especially not on the first day.

... & away we go...

It felt really good to do it again...

But dang-nag-it ... I was doing my first interval (I'm doing the C213.1k program alternating running/walking at the beginning) & my low back & my knee instantly was like, "Hey, I remember this.  We like to make ourselves known when we do this motion"... & thus, my back & knee hurt within the first 10 minutes.

It wasn't horrible pain.. just a nagging ache... just like every day life...

& I made the point when I got off the treadmill to foam roll & stretch.  Something I need to do every time I run. I've been good at slacking at that.  Hoping that will help the pain just stay a nag & not a full blown nuisance.

me too Zoe...me too...

I'll give it a go for awhile...

& I'm not all about punishing myself & feeling like the world is riding on my shoulders with this race.  If I find running hurts my back & knee too much, I'm going to make the call ... I'm going to just run when I want - the distance I want.  Not really take the pressure of long runs ... let a 10k be my longest run.  Or even just do more walking.  I've got no problem anymore walking a half marathon ...


I'm maturing in my 'whatever' attitude of carrying how slow I am or feeling like I'm being judged at my pace.

But mercy... I was one sweaty, smiling girl when I got done on day 1 ...

let's see how I am on Day 50.....


  1. I just started my goofy challenge training today too! Four miles down in this heat uggh!

  2. yay you go girl! ooh i didnt know there was a C213.1k app, might have to get that. Do you run outside? I have a bad knee and a not fond of running ankle, plus my lower back gets cranky when I run... all of these happen on the treadmill but not outside. Weird. Anyway - I hope I can do that half marathon with you - have you registered yet?

    1. If you and Kristen do this half, I'm gonna sign up too!!

  3. Yay, welcome back to running! Pretty awesome you already have Half #7 planned and what greater motivation! You did awesome with the T25 program, and I bet that will only help you as you adjust back into running again:)
    Happy runs my friend:)

  4. Congrats on getting back to running!!! *insert jealous smiley here* haha :0) I hope your knee doesn't give you a ton of trouble. Try some squats and planks to help tone the glutes and core and hopefully those muscles can ease the pressure off your knee a bit. Good luck girl!! You got this!

    1. Thanks for the advice... I was doing so many squats on T25 - I need to keep it up!

  5. Yeah - you got this!! I think runners put more pressure on themselves than they need -- if we just go out there and have fun (run when we want to, walk when we need to, and for-crying-out-loud ... enjoy the scenery as you go!) then I think there'd be less burn-out and hopefully fewer injuries. Listen to your body and enjoy the training! :)

  6. I was so excited that you're back to running, and then I read that you're injured. That sucks!!
    I really want to do the Urban Bourbon, so thinking I might sign up for that one too.
    The back pew joke is hilarious!!


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