Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Baring it all....

I'm not a big watcher of ESPN... didn't even realize they had a magazine...

until every year they do the Body Issue & all the publicity it gets.

Working in photography & being amazed at what the human body can do, I think these pictures are amazing...

It shows the strength in people that are so committed to what they do...

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I think it says a lot about how each body is different.  I mean, you don't see Michael Phelps in the same physical condition as the baseball player swinging his bat... & that's no nasty pun intended there... (couldn't resist... sorry mom)

I can't imagine those photo sessions... you'd think it'd have to be a little odd stripping down to do a photo shoot too.  But I think if I had a body like that, I'd strip down too & tell everyone to take my picture...

Had to be the most painful Body Issue picture... that landing... ouch

Amy Purdy is simply amazing to me.
A truly inspiring body that can do incredible things
I find it so funny seeing these when just this week, I joined a test group on Facebook that is testing out PiYo over the next 10 weeks.  It's a group of about 28 women in a closed group that can share without judgement & is all about support.

So on Day 1the challenge was to take the "before" picture & post it.

I went into a panic & was like, SAY WHAT? .. nope, not doing it.

But then I saw some people stepping out of their comfort zone & doing it. 

I was the first one that had to ask & double check & then check again that if I posted this picture, it wouldn't pop up on anyone's side bar if they liked it.  & then had about 10 likes on that comment & everyone else feeling the same way.

Once we were assured by many that closed means closed, I took the leap.  I posted a picture of myself in running shorts & a sports bra.

nervous laughter
nervous laughter as soon as I hit POST

not a big deal when you look amazing... a big deal for someone in my size.

& then the rest of the day & into the next, more & more people were posting pics of themselves. 

& everyone was so proud of everyone posting the pictures. 

it wasn't really that bad in the end.

I think we all saw that we're just all real women... & we're all excited to see the pictures in 10 weeks...

So we may not be like those amazing bodies in the ESPN Body Issue, but I think my picture & all those other ladies who stood before a camera vulnerable, I think we're all the super stars... & expect any day now for ESPN to be in touch with us to be in their magazine....

... just don't ask me to jump on a dirt bike naked....


  1. WOW! I'm so proud of you! I would die of embarrassment to do it myself! How do you like the piyo so far?

  2. Yeay, good for you! The ESPN Body Issue has never really captured my attention, not sure why. They are tastefully done, I have to admit.

  3. Just wow! Is that first lady suppose to be naked in the snow? Of course I am assuming it is in a studio somewhere. I actually like that the show the baseball player and that he is not stick thin, but has his own shape.

    Good for you for coming out of your comfort zone. There is no doubt that you have inspired other women! You rock!

  4. omg that dirt bike though.
    dont be so hard on yourself - someone you think looks amazing has the same thoughts and views on their body - i'm more than positive. and those that feel confident, well they think they should feel bad, because everyone else does and if they say hey i'm awesome, here i am posing on a dirt bike, people turn down their nose and call them arrogant. everyone just needs to love themselves and be proud, end of story! easier said than done.
    anywho go you girly!

  5. Love this post and the attention you're bringing to the issue. We're all wonderful regardless of what we, the individual, see as our flaws.

  6. I used to be addicted to ESPN, a rabid sports fan and used Sportscenter as my daily news source. I actually have a lot of back issues of the Body Issue and love love love it! I just don't let it make me feel bad about myself. Trust me, easier said than done, but their JOB is to workout. I read an interview with a pro marathoner once and she said she was inspired by normal runners because running is her job and she has no idea how people can train AND work AND live their lives and still finish races. Enjoy the piyo but be very VERY careful on that low back!

  7. Woo! I'm so proud of you! Posting "before" or "during" pictures can be quite difficult. You all ARE awesome!

  8. Way to jump out of your comfort zone!! While I think that the body issue photos are tasteful, I still don't get why they have to pose nude. Sports bra and compression shorts or a swimsuit, etc. wouldn't take up that much space or cover any muscles in the photos. I wonder how their families feel about seeing these pictures.

  9. A friend of mine posted some of these on Facebook. While they're beautiful, I think I'm totally over the naked thing. Maybe it's the return of True Blood or I've just been watching too much cable lately, but I feel like it's kind of over done.

  10. I am impressed you did the before picture thing, I would have a hard time with that, heck I rarely post pictures of myself online anyway its a rare occasion if I do:)
    Even if I had a fabulous hot body, I wouldn't pose naked, its just not my thing, of course I may enjoy a day at the beach more and not bother with a swimsuit cover:)

  11. I could not be paid to jump on a dirt bike naked. (SERIOUS ouch.)
    Hats off to you for taking a before picture! You probably inspired so many people by doing that and I agree that you are superstars for breaking outside of your comfort level to do that!

  12. That is great that you are doing a PiYo group and took your before picture! We are always much more critical of ourselves than others are, that and you will have a good way to gauge your progress! Good luck, I have no doubt you will do great!

  13. Those are some awesome pictures and I lol'd at the swinging his bat thing. HA!

    Good for you for posting the pic, although I would have been a little paranoid too. I can't wait to hear more about how you like the PiYo, I am wanting it rather bad. I may have to break down and actually pay for it :)

  14. Good for you! That makes me so nervous but I think it's awesome because it makes you take charge and be all "hey world here I am". And ya I wouldn't get on a dirt bike clothed so naked is out of the question


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