Thursday, July 31, 2014

#100SummerMiles, injuries (again) & good news for slow runners ... that'd be me

So I have to say, I was thrilled to see the latest news on running...

A new, large study has found that even just a few minutes of jogging a day — no matter how slow — can significantly help your health.

& then they said this as well

the surprising finding in this large study was just how little running it took to see a benefit. Researchers found that the lowered death risk was similar across all types, from those who ran more than 150 minutes a week at a fast six-minute-mile pace to those who ran 50 minutes or less a week at 10 minutes per mile or slower. The authors concluded that just five or 10 minutes a day of running at any speed — even slower than six miles per hour (10 minutes per mile) — led to "substantial and attainable" affects to life expectancy.

I had to laugh when they said "slower" is about 10 minute miles... I'm going with the 'or slower' part of that statement.

This makes me feel good about running up & down my driveway to get a mile in.  I did that one time.  Tried for 30 days to get at least 1 mile in a day.  Looks like that's the way to go....

& today is the link up to the #100SummerMiles over at Mind of Kiwi


Trying to get in some miles this summer.
Walk, run, do what you gotta do to move... & if you hit 100 miles, awesome. If not, you moved some.

I've been doing this (this is week 2) but didn't document it the first week.  This week, I made sure to take some pics...

I even RAN for the first time in forever on this mile
... knee did decent...
but read below what's happened now...

Even doing #100SummerMiles during lunch & walking in skirts
...whatever works...

So it's been great getting in these miles.

& as I've mentioned, I've been doing the Nike Kinect Training.  It's been pretty neat feeling & seeing the difference in my body.  I am doing more push ups, my squats are getting deeper.  Feeling strong.

.... & then last night, on one of the moves where they have you jump from a squat, my knee popped & had this excruciating pain... I mean, the kind where I fell on the ground, held it & rocked & cried.

It was doing so good. 

I want to break my Nike Kinect disc into a million pieces.

I did walk last night (no pic) & my knee was aching, but dang it... I feel like I'm back to square one.  I had that little taste of running & feeling like I was going to get back there... & BAM. A few jumps & looks where I'm at...

Time is ticking closer to suck it up & go to the doc....



  1. Oh no! That stinks! I'm sorry that your knee got hurt. Go get it checked out so that you can run safely and as comfortably as possible. Squats and jump squats are effective workouts but they are NOT knee friendly in the least.

  2. Ugh that darn knee!! You are doing such a great job and that is amazing you are getting in push-ups and squats too! Every thing helps - what kind of exercises do you do to help keep your knee pain at bay?

  3. Oh no, Rebecca! This makes me so sad. Your GIFs made me smile though.
    I hope you are able to get that checked out ASAP and are able to recuperate swiftly. I love your determination, but you really must take care of it now.
    Thank you for all the statistical information. It further proves that this goal of ours is so worth it.
    Thanks for linking up!!!

  4. I am so sorry about your knee still bothering you!!! Have you visited a Dr yet? I really hope they can start getting you some relief so you can get back into being as active as you love!

  5. You're gifs are funny! Hope you get back to running in no time.. But anything is better than nothing. Thanks so much for linking up with Kendwy and I! :)

  6. Oh no!! Hope your knee feels better soon!!
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

  7. oh no you poor thing! big hugs :(
    i had to laugh at the slow runners being 10 minute miles - jeepers if thats slow, i'm a turtle!

  8. Jump squats just seem like asking for trouble. Unless you have the exact right position, you can have problems. Hope you feel better soon!

  9. Haha girl I'm right there with ya on the "or slower" part. Clearly someone who doesn't run wrote that article because they don't realize how fast a 10min mile can seem haha

  10. My knee hurts for you, girly! I've dislocated my knee several times and finally had surgery. Thankfully it's better now, but I remember all that knee pain! I hope it's not something too serious and you'll be back to your normal self in no time. I'm looking forward to seeing you get your #100SummerMiles!

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