Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Knee/Shin? What is this?!?!?!

So I'm a pro at knee problems.

Ever since I jacked up my hamstrings in BOTH knees at the wonderful age of 11 thanks to martial arts... I can't help I had an awesome high kick...I have known about all things knee for 98% of my life.

Just because....

& when I started running, I REALLY got to know about knees.  My orthopedic doctor listens to me telling him what my issues are & my self diagnosis from WebMD.

So this is why I'm stumped.

My knee started hurting about 3 weeks ago doing the T25 program.  I just thought it was the good ole Runner's Knee acting up.

But when I press on my leg & feel the center of the pain, I'm finding it really lower then my knee... its almost at the top of my shin, right under the knee cap - but on the side.

Don't worry about the red - that's from where I just had an ice pack

What the heck?  This one has me stumped.

If it doesn't ease up soon, I may have to make another trip to my Orthopedic doc.

Runners... people who see an Orthopedic doctor more then any other doctor for health issues.

Any thoughts? 


  1. Does it feel like it could be muscular or joint related? If muscular, you could always try getting a sports massage!

  2. Ugh that sucks. I've only ever had runner's knee so sadly I can't be helpful. Like Lauren said maybe you could try massage. I found that when I went to someone who actually knew what she was doing it helped a lot

  3. Oh, no I didn't know you were still having trouble!
    I'm going to guess it's not runners knee, because runners knee is just something that comes from overuse before you are ready and just weak muscles, and should go away after a week of backing off. But you are in pretty good shape, so I'm leaning toward this being something else.
    With pain for 3 weeks my advice is get to the Dr. Stop running and any activity on it until you get in. Anything that isn't getting progressively better after 2 weeks puts you into longer term injury status (as I have learned the hard way). and you don't want that!
    I've been in and out of Orthopedic Specialist offices for the past 18 months, and one thing I have learned it's better to get in and rest the injury before it becomes something far more expensive and long term!
    Good luck!!!!

  4. That's kind of right around where my problems started! So it could be an overuse injury or maybe it's a nerve thing like mine. Definitely get it checked and don't wait like stupid-me. If I had gone to see my doc earlier, it might have stopped it from migrating all the way down into my foot. I hope this will be a quick fix for you! Ugh I hate hearing that other people are hurt too!

  5. oh i have no idea! but when my knee hurts, thats what hurts. I think you should go to a doctor! whenever mine hurts, i stop running. however, i have learned i can't do videos like insanity or anything because they kill my knees.

  6. I'm sure our doctors love when we reference Web MD nd dr. Google...haha. my guess is that it would be runners knee. There is a more technical term for it but that is what I had for a bit last summer. Does it hurt when you stand up after sitting down?


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