Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Five: Goals

Today's topic is all about goals...

which it seems I am a failure at most goals...

but you keep making them so when you do hit them... JACKPOT!!!

So 5 goals I have for myself lately

1. Keep Steppin' it up!!!

I am now on day 10 of being over 10,000 steps.  I'm loving the challenge.  I do find myself every night marching in place when commercials come on.  Do you know you can get in about 500 steps during a normal commercial break!  SCORE!

This is NOT how I get extra steps in
... but it would be pretty cool if I did..

2. Lose Weight


3.  Relax a little more

I am running like a crazed woman... CRAZED!  I have a wedding tomorrow.  A baby session Sunday, AFTER a youth camp meeting... oh yeah, I'm going to camp with a bunch of middle school kids... AND I have 2 photo sessions right after that... Oh yeah... add in a baby shower that family is begging me to come to.

I'm dying...

4.  More Fruits & Veggies

Goodness gracious - I slack so bad at this. I need to start smoothing-it-up again to slide some greens in there.  My body needs some photosynthesis happening.

5. Let it roll off my shoulders

I let others get to me so bad.  Whether it be comparison... or whether it be stupid people who just get on my nerves... or mean people who don't know what they're doing... I just need to take what people say with a grain of salt.  Take advice from Elsa & just... all together now... let it go!!!

What are some goals you're setting for yourself lately?


  1. Camping with middle schoolers? You are a brave, brave warrior.
    I need to concentrate on eating better. I've been noshing on chocolate through the day, and my freezer is full of ice cream and popsicles. I need to set a goal of snacking on fruit and saving the sugar treats for once a day or every other day.

  2. We've been watching a lot of Frozen in my house recently and I am definitely trying to follow Elsa's advice. (I love that gif by the way.) Your weekend sounds insane. I hope you can get some relaxation in between all those activities!

    I also need to get back on the smoothie train. In adding more fruits into my diet I fear my veggie consumption is faltering.

  3. Wow you're busy! I am trying to let myself "Be like Elsa" more lately too. My friends crack up when I say it out loud (which I do fairly regularly)! Great goals. Oh yeah, I've gotten pretty slack on my morning smoothies too. I need that spinach and fruit!

  4. your weekend does sound nuts. i hope you get some time to relax and just let it go soon :)

  5. I travel so much that is hard to always get my veggies. I have to work on that more. Learn to relax is another one. I get worked up on simple things that I shouldn't. -L

  6. All very good goals! You can do it! Sounds like a very busy weekend! Try to let it goooooo! ;) I really like Goal #2...Duh. haha
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

  7. I was totally singing Let it Go to myself earlier today when I was letting something get to me!

  8. Phew! I hope you take today off in order to recover from your itinerary this past weekend! You had a lot going on.

    One of my goals that I keep failing at is "good vibes only" because I'm not taking Elsa's advice either.

  9. All great goals, I could take some pointers. Where is that dancing picture from? It's so cool with the water.

    1. Its from Step it Up... which version, I'm not sure :)

  10. Awesome goals! I need to let things go more easily as well. Sometimes I over stress myself for no good reason whatsoever!

    And I LOL'd at that Will Ferrell hilarious!


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