Monday, July 14, 2014

Ups & Downs ... with another vlog workout update

Where we look at how the weekend rolls
DOWN  Peach Green Tea Lemonade made in my grocery store's Starbucks just isn't as good at the other Starbucks 0.20 miles away. I'll yell over at the other store next time to remake me another one.
UP   I feel like I walk with pride when my cart is full of healthy colorful stuff.
UP   Veggie Rolls in the sushi area at the grocery.  The past few weeks, they've been sold out of the veggie ones.  I came very close to laying on the floor & throwing a fit. But none needed this week.
UP  BAM!  Finished!  715 wedding pictures edited in right under the gun of 2 weeks from the last wedding.  I felt like a rock star... with a sore arm.
Move over Kanye
DOWN  Yet, ANOTHER Saturday where I'm awake at 6:15 ... & I didn't go to bed till after midnight the night before.  I really need sleep.
UP/DOWN  Opened & tried the Nike Kinect workout.  UP because it was awesome.  DOWN because it kicked my butt & made me feel awful.  (I talk about it in my vlog below)
UP  the hubs came home from work with a surprise for me... a case of Dasani Berry Sparkling Water. I refuse to pay $5.00 for a case of this stuff so its like a luxury treat when I have it...
UP  Did a Band Photo session with my church buddies... I was so thankful it was an overcast day. Perfect for the pictures.
UP  Van Helsing ... I love that movie.  Have to laugh that Dracula is the weird guy from Moulin Rouge. One of my favorite movies.
UP  Eating outside on a breezy warm evening
UP   Veggie sandwiches at Five Guys Burger & Fries
DOWN  Five Guys has awful drink choices.  Their tea tastes awful.
UP  Getting out of playing a youth game because I had on a skirt.  They get vicious in youth ministry
DOWN  we went out to lunch & a lady sitting in front of us turned around a good dozen times to stare at me & Ricky. I don't know if she thought she knew us, but the first 6 times should have given her an idea.  I got up to go to the bathroom & she literally stared me up & down.  Really?  I did good holding my tongue

UP  Finding double insulated cups at Target on clearance!!!  Buy ALL THE CUPS!
 UP  Had a meeting with my next Bride & Groom & got to go take some pictures for the wedding day they need for their venue.  It took like 15 minutes. Talk about a fast session.
UP  We beat the rain.  I got home from the session & the heavens opened... whew!  Close call
DOWN  We ate a late lunch - 3:00 - so I was hungry late - about 8 to 9 - & wanted to snack on everything. Not good to do before bed.
DOWN  I like storms but GEEZ, the lightning bolts were crazy close last night.  & on the news they kept talking about lightning hitting so many people in Colorado - which is no where close to me - whatever, its enough to make me think I'm going to die by lightning bolt now.
UP  Real Housewives of New Jersey is back!!!
& here we go... another week for my "make up less" VLOG & documenting my work outs... talks of PiYo, Nike Kinect & feeling old & broken



  1. Dang, I figured out that I can't watch your vlogs on my phone for some reason. I'll have to wait till I get to a PC. That photo you did for the band is gorgeous!

  2. oh my gosh how crazy was the thunderstorm last night? it kept me up and normally i love thunderstorms! also, i freaking love Van Helsing!

  3. I don't watch the Jersey housewives, but I'll grudgingly admit to watching Beverly Hills and Orange County, although OC is incredibly dull this year.

  4. I will have to come back (I am at work right now) and check out your vlog! I can watch it here, but since I am sitting at a front desk in the library, I should probably keep the volume off:)
    Awesome about all your wedding pics getting edited and way cool about your quick consult booking with the new wedding party!
    I love your band photo, beautiful! It's funny, a gal was referred to me about being a photographer I send my bride's to, and as we were talking she was telling me how she always prays for overcast days when she does the bridals. I had no idea until the other day cloudy skies make for great people photos:) Then I read it again on your blog, so funny when you learn something new how all of a sudden you hear it all over the place, LOL

  5. I understand why you are putting off that shoulder surgery... I wouldn't want someone to cut my tendon either. Yikes! Stay safe while you are doing your piyo (sp?). And push-ups aren't hard because of your age, they are just freaking hard! I've been trying to do them daily for the past week or so and they don't seem to be getting easier lol!

    And I love Van Helsing...I always laugh that Dracula is the Duke from Moulin Rouge too!

  6. I am the same way when I grocery shop!! I'll get up to the register with a cart full of fruit and green leafy things and my toddler is with me and I'm all like "ohhh yeaaaaah I'm a healthy awesome mom!" Even if she just ate rice krispie treats just before we left the house.

  7. I have never had 5 Guys... but have heard great things about them. ;)

  8. That picture you took is so awesome! And I am the same way in the grocery store, I feel quite proud of myself when my cart is overflowing with healthy colourful choices. It's the little things right? :)

  9. That pic of the band you took was AMAZING!!! I also love when I have a cart full of healthy, fresh food, it makes me excited for the next week of meals!!


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