Thursday, January 2, 2014

Food diaries.... lifestyle or obsession?

We're into the beginning of the new year...

where everyone wants to start to get healthy - wants to work out - wants to watch what their eating.

The trick is making it last more then 2 weeks into the year...
I'm speaking to myself more then anyone with that statement.

So I'm at a dilemma - the food diary.

I use My Fitness Pal & last year, at once point, had used it over 250 days in a row.  I missed using it when we went out of town & when the number went down to zero again, I lost all motivation.

So I'm torn whether I want to start it again or not.

Yes - I do think it makes a difference to watch your intake. 
Yes - I do like to stay up on how much protein I get in a day since I'm not a meat eater & I rarely get enough protein in a day according to my daily entries.

But I also know it makes me obsessive over the issue...

I feel like I have to read every label & check the calories & figure out when I'm going to work out to cover some extra calories.

... & truth be told, I know that's the point..

But I can take things to a whole other level.

Obsessive doesn't even cover it.

Obsession can take different levels of crazy

It makes it work... not a lifestyle... which is what a food change should be.

So maybe I'll give a try & see how it goes.

Maybe not be TOO stressed if I miss every last count of crackers I eat but still guess-timating to know around where I'm at in day?

We'll see ...

if you see me & I'm counting out green beans on my plate, you know its time to get me help.

Do you use a Food Diary?

Do Food Diaries help you?

What's your favorite food app?

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  1. I use Spark People...sometimes. I will use it consistently for several weeks and then just not at all. Kind of like everything else I do :( I like it because you can add the foods you eat regularly to your favorites and it makes it easier and faster to record. My mom is a weight watchers lifer :) She carries her little book around everywhere she goes and I am so impressed with how she keeps track of everything.


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