Thursday, January 16, 2014

2nd day of T25 & Tonya is already my best friend

I wasn't sure if I was going to use a rest day on Wednesday.  My plan - or my running plan - I should say, has me with 2 rest days - one on Wednesday - the other on Sunday.  I am debating only keeping Sunday... but we'll see how I feel on my run tonight to see if I keep that going.  I can see why I could use a rest day. 

I may actually use it on Friday & Sunday.  That way I'm recouping from 4 full days of working out & then should be fresh for my long runs on Saturday... then a good rest, or do the stretch T25 videos on Sunday.

Plans are coming together...

But last night, I went ahead for the next video in T25 - the Speed 1.0

Again, very thankful for that modifier... Tonya... She's my best friend & doesn't know it.

At one point, during the burpee part, I think my heart almost exploded.

if you think I'm joking, look at my maximum heart rate.

Alarms should sound & oxygen masks come out with heart rates that high

& that's not even doing all of the burpees.. are you crazy?  I wouldn't be doing a blog update if that was the case.  I'd be dead in my basement with a dog eating my face off.

This post took a wrong turn somewhere.

Anyways - I did it... excited to get through another video.  Feeling like a BEAST!... looking like a Beauty - right? ;)

Tonight - back to running.  & its snowing & cold & everyone on Twitter is talking about the roads being horrible, so another night on the treadmill.

Just thankful I have one.

Press on friends!!!

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  1. Ahhhhhh!!!!! You're a runner!!! I'm a beginner. I soooo want to become a runner. Last week I jogged for 10 minutes non-stop and that was a small victory for me...working my way up. So great to find runners online. You are an inspiration.


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