Monday, January 20, 2014

Training... starting it off in pain

My back was SCREAMING at me this weekend...

I mean, the kind of pain that just grates on your nerves.

But I was determined to still work out.  Luckily my "long run" in the first week was only 2 miles.  Ricky still yelled at me about it.  "Your back must not hurt THAT bad"...

oh yes... it does...

BUT, it hurts sitting down... it hurts standing up... it hurts laying down.

Ricky yelling about me running, I know is out of love
so I guess love = pain as well
Right? :)

So I figure why not at least be productive about it?

& I knew it was only 2 miles.  If it was a long run of 5 or 10 miles.. then yeah, I'd rethink the situation.

2 miles?  I walk 2 miles to the end of the driveway & back...

so got it done...

I will admit.  I'm a little worried that the first week, my back is already screaming.

My hope though is that weight will shed & that will help my back.
But I really am prepared that if the back pain is too extreme, I'm stopping the running for awhile.  I'll focus on other healthy activities.  I'll do the whole T25 program, I'll walk, I'll continue trying to better myself... & then try to start running again in a few months.

Right now though?  I'm sticking it out.

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