Monday, January 27, 2014

I totally blame myself...

Yep... I knew it would happen...

as soon as I hit the word "Publish"

I read on someone's blog the other day about how she got sick right before a big race.  I commented, "I never have gotten sick before a race" & then knocked on wood.

I even said it with confidence like this

I then read another runner's blog that talked about the lovely stomach cramps during a run & how she barely made it to the bathroom.  I made a comment about how I have had stomach cramps, but they wear off & I'm fine afterwards

No... never had to run for my life with stomach cramps

... I may have forgotten to knock on wood that time.

So I'm on my treadmill - because its still like Ice Age outside my doors - & my long run only called for 3 miles (love the beginning of training season) & feeling good.  Watching a recap they played again about the Bachelor couples.  Ryan & Trista still make me believe fairy tales can come true...

Then all of a sudden, my stomach started cramping...

It'll pass.. it always does.

I had just had hummus & wheat crackers about 30 minutes before so I just explained that away & knew I'd be my old slow self any minute...

except I wasn't... I was slower.. & in PAIN

I hopped off of the treadmill & took some deep breaths... it wore off so I jumped back on.... for only about 5 minutes.

I got hot, dizzy, sweaty - but not the work out kind of sweat - the cold, something is wrong & you're getting ready to die sweat.  Then I felt nauseated & felt like I was going to loose that hummus all over my new Saucony shoes.

Kinda how I looked... except I didn't wear a dress on the treadmill

I have never ran that fast in my life jumping off the treadmill & running upstairs to get to the bathroom where I got 3 different cold wash rags & threw on my face, my neck & my wrists.

I still haven't felt right since then.

I refuse to think its some sort of flu that's getting to me...

& with that statement.. I probably just jinxed myself once again.

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  1. Oh no!! I hope it's not the flu - feel better soon!


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