Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Beyonce made me stronger...

I was nervous...

Back to the treadmill I go because hey, the book that tells me what to do in training says its time to move it again on a Monday.

But I was still nervous.

See - I'm one of those people that once something bad happens, I remember the bad & cling to it & expect it to happen every time.

Last time I was on that treadmill was Saturday & that's when my stomach did 2,013 flips & made me feel funny....

So I was expecting another bad go at it... especially because I wasn't feeling 100% anyways.  I felt kinda 'off' at work during the day, but did feel better as the day went on.

But I'll try it ... at least until I felt that first twinge of a cramp & I was going to be off quick with those cold wash rags ready.

Got on the treadmill - turned on the TV that is directly in front of me.  Anything for distraction.

It worked out well because it was time for Entertainment Tonight & all the talk was on the Grammy's.  The fashion do's & don't... which by the way, what WAS the deal with Pharrell's Smokey the Bear hat?

But all the other talk was about BeyoncĂ© & Jay-Z .. the super-uber-power couple.  They kept talking about how they both came off of a vegan 21 day fast & how good she looked...

Good didn't even get close to it... between the thigh gap in the black outfit

to the 'show every part you have' white gown, she looked amazing...

That body is ridiculous.

I guess she was my motivation because before I knew it, my miles were over... & I didn't even feel any pain.

I need to envision me having to wear a dress like that one day... which is quite funny to think about.  First of all, I couldn't squeeze my right thigh in it... Second, I guess I'd wear it to Target.  Where else do I go?  But it was motivation that worked for me on this work out.


  1. Haha that 'smokey the bear' hat is ridiculous! Glad you found good motivation to get you through that run, and glad it was pain-free!

  2. That is so funny! I often find dresses I would love to have and then think " where am I really gonna wear this to"? Glad you found the motivation you needed!


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