Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hello Training, my old friend...

My poor "Marathoning for Mortals" book...

its getting frayed & the pages are turned in the corner & the spine is in a permanent weird shape.

This book has been pulled out & flipped open so many times.

& it was time to open it once again.

No... it wasn't this feeling of doom opening the book

A plan to run the Kentucky Derby MiniMarathon in 14 weeks has me once again going to my schedule of how to live my life in the next few months.

I need a book like that for every other week... oh wait, I do have one.  But Bible talk is on my other blog page! ;)

I wanted to run outside since I haven't breathed fresh air while working out in months.  Literally... months...

I haven't ran outside since October. YIKES!  I didn't even think of that till I just wrote it.

But Day 1 wouldn't allow it. It was warm, but it was pouring buckets all day.  I don't mind running in rain, but not for a first day, I didn't want to swim in puddles, or small lakes that gather in the hills on my path.

Back to the basement on the treadmill.

That's OK...

it worked out well.  I reprogrammed the tv in front of my treadmill (aka Diana Prince) & I got new TV stations on there.  The one I came across last night was nothing but Christian music videos. 

Real videos.

like MTV in the old days when they played actual videos & not stupid shows 24/7

I loved it.  I was worshipping... with a beat & rhythm the whole time... it made the first day of training pretty smooth.

Go Jesus... Go Jesus... Go Jesus

Yes, I could feel my runners knee & my back pain.  Even felt a little bit of runner's knee pain in my 'good' knee... but just kept praising & going on with it anyways.

Day 1 - DONE!  BAM... here we go!
Day 1 - 3/1 intervals x 8

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  1. Great job! I have to have a distraction when I run on the treadmill too... definitely makes it easier.


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