Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Someday... Run Disney

Last weekend was the Run Disney Tinkerbell Half Marathon in Disney Land...

So the past few days have been all kinds of recaps floating around.

I think I have posted the same comment on all of them... "I'm so jealous"

I am truly 100% jealous ... but love reading everyone's experience.

This is how I feel about Disney Races

From the insane wake up times you have to head to the corrals - how crowded it is - the fun character pictures - the way it makes me want to go to Car Land in Disney Land & see Route 66 ... & honestly, THOSE MEDALS...

come on... that's in the top 3 reasons to ever do a Run Disney race is just for those medals.

I honestly got a tad choked up because running a Disney race is on my bucket list of things to do in life...

& I'm getting older every year... & every year, I'm falling apart more...

& today was the first day I thought, I'll probably never do it... & yeah, that's when I got choked up.

Gotta snap out of it... hang onto those dreams - right?

Thanks Cinderella for the reminder

Until then, I'll live through everyone else's awesome memories of their race...

& prepare myself for February when my Ultimate dream race happens - the Disney Princess Half Marathon...& get my jealousy in check for those recaps.

Someday my prince race will come...

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  1. The Princess Half is truly amazing, you will love it! Never lose sight of your runDisney dream!!


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