Wednesday, January 15, 2014

T25 First Day

After talking to a few people that know a LOT more then I do, they suggested that I still do the T25 along with the training for another half marathon...

& being the OCD person I am about following orders & plans, I was told to continue with what the calendar says... except don't do the lower body work out if it falls before the day before my long runs...

OK... a plan...

So I was excited to take the video & open up all the books & get ready.

25 minutes... I can do this - right?

I am someone who thinks in terms of numbers all the time.  I count when I run... I know how many steps are in a tenth of a mile, which leads me to knowing how many times I need to count 10 times to get to one mile... yes, I'm that crazy when it comes to numbers.

I'm like the Rain Man of Working Out....

If only I could turn my number nerdness into real money

I know myself well enough to know what 25 minutes looks like in a run - how I feel, how far I get...
So translate 25 minutes to a work out ... I can do this.

Media preview
Rephrase this...
I can do this WHILE working out around a dog that likes to lay dead center of the floor
I get extra points for this

The first thing I liked about this work out is they take some of the pressure off of me by having a count down clock, as well as a ticker that shows how long that particular exercise is going to last.

Which is great for those one exercises that you are feeling like they are straight from hell & are used for only some sort of spy torture... you can see the end is near...

Day 1 means the Cardio tape...

I was kinda interested to see how hard a work out can be for 25 minutes.

yeah... it had me sweating... & panting... & groaning... in just 25 minutes.

But I did it.. & actually enjoyed it.

Right after taking the picture, I'm still deep breathing

& even more so, I did it with thanks to the modifier. 

I ain't even trying to make it sound like I stepped in Day 1 & was like T25 pro... heck no... I wanted to find that Ms. Modifier lady & hug her in real life.

I would try each exercise at the full impact & most times, that would be for like 2 moves & then back to the modifier... but I loved she was there to show what to do.    And now I have a goal to get through the whole video without any modifications. 

I see T25 being in my life for awhile to get to that level....

My next dilemma?  My running training gives me 2 rest days... T25 gives me one...

So do I use a rest day today or do a T25 work out?... we shall see...


  1. Great job on the workout! I have the same problem with my dog when I work out at home. She always has to be right on top of me. I should have named her shadow because that's what she acts like...haha!

  2. Nice workout! I've heard the T25 is extremely tough. My pups always try and lay around my workout area when I exercise in the apartment too lol!

  3. Can I just say I COUNT when I run too!!! Which hasn't been in a very long time, I think it makes me concentrate on something other than running. After I have this baby, you will be my inspiration :)

  4. I am a counter too! Do you find your fitbit off when you are counting your steps? I have tried to edit my account and measure my strides, but it hasn't worked. Bad fitbit is not giving me the credit I feel I deserve. Good news...I am working out harder :)


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