Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 ... let's DO THIS!

2014... I'm holding it in my mind as a great year to come...

I will do a confession time, which I think should probably be a weekly post ... the areas I messed up in, the things to keep me in check... because goodness knows I'm not perfect.  I don't even want to make it even TRY to appear I'm perfect or I have it all together.  I'm just struggling through like most everyone else... I think most people struggle with the issues of health & fitness... I'm the queen of it.

Anywhoo... the holidays have really got to me.  I didn't do well AT ALL with the eating thing (still no meat, of course) but sugar?  Another story... A WHOLE other story.

My working out?  Non-existent.

Some fitness/health/nutrition blog I am, huh?

Again - I'm human...

I'm going into 2014 at the heaviest I have EVER been.. in my life...

yep... this is me...

that is so embarrassing to admit.

I look back at pictures of races from just a year ago & I can't believe how easily the weight piled up on me.

It just showed me how seriously I need to take my body, my health... my life...

the priorities I need to set...

So what am I looking forward to in 2014?  What are some fitness resolutions?

* More water... yes, its all I drink now, including some tea, but I drink more Sparkling Seltzer water - I need to drink more just PLAIN water... the enamel on my teeth will probably thank me (I heard too much seltzer water is tough on your teeth)

* I did it... I dropped a few hundred bucks to get the new T25 program... 25 minutes at least 5 times a week .. I can do that - right?  "I'm GOING to do that" is the answer :)

* Caring for my body... pushing it, but not harming it.  I've really done some damage with my back.  My knees are horrid right now... but I also know my weight is causing some of this.  My point?  I'm going to be careful of my body... be aware... take care of it.  It's gotta get me through a lot.

* I will continue to run... but I'm taking the pressure off of myself that I normally put on my brain, my body.  I have registered for a half marathon & need to start training for it, but also know that I have to get to a place in my body where I can safely train.  I'm telling you - my body is THAT out of shape now... if I don't make the half marathon, I'm OK with that...  I'm telling you, I'm getting priorities in check this 2014!

* At least 4 Fruits or veggies in a day... a must!  I'd like to do 4 of Each - 4 fruits, 4 veggies - that would be ideal...

Which leads me to my next one

* Follow the Happy herbivore food plan 5 days out of the week... that should ensure the above resolution.  A vegan diet plan is full of veggies & fruit.

* Take regular Probiotics & Fiber... the gut, I believe, is a serious source of where illness comes from.  Want to be in charge of it as much as I can....

* Staying POSITIVE.  I'm really bad at getting down on myself... focusing on the bad things that's happening - pain, weight gain.  I suffer from depression so the smallest thing gets me down & will hold me there.  I'm really going to try to focus on positive things... keep positive statements all around me - reminders that tomorrow is another day.

* This one will be tough... cut back on the Self Hate Talk.  I've gotten in such a bad place of calling myself "Disgusting"... that's also embarrassing... but I do it naturally now.  I look in a mirror & that's the word I use... not good... not good at all.... so I'm going to stop it.  This is probably one of the biggest things I need to do.  Remember that I listen to my words in my heart & they can hurt....

My word for the year is RENEW (you can click the link above to my home blog & read more about that)

One Word 2014

That word fits even more in my fitness world...

I'm ready for 2014... how about you?

Any fitness resolutions you have?

Any I should have?

What are you goals for 2014?

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