Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Failure... but a winner!

OK... confession time...

I've failed.  Once again.

I started out with great intentions with these Christmas/December challenges.  How hard is one mile a day for 40 days?  ... hard when weekends come & you're out Christmas shopping from sun rise to sun down... add in a few parties, throw in wrapping presents, & don't forget the trying to keep a little bit organized (insert mad laughter)... yeah, it gets hard.

I will say, I'm sticking to the plank challenge.  Though, I will do a confession again & say that I've had to go to my knees to do the planks.  My low back was hurting so bad for the length of time - which I'm up to 2 minutes now - that I had to do something.  And believe me, the abs are still shaking like a violent earthquake.  My back still feels it too, but not as extreme.  I figure if I do the rest of the challenge on my knees - get the abs SOME WHAT used to exercises again, then next month I can repeat it in the full out position.

Small steps people...

whatever works for me...

I need to keep remembering that.  Because its so easy to look at myself & see "FAILURE" written across my face - but I'm doing what works for me... not you... not the people who are already fit... not the people who have great abs & a great low back...

Me... the out of shape person who keeps trying...

On a positive note.  I was a winner from an incredible runner's blog.  Anita is such a fantastic woman of faith who shares her love for God & his word!!!  Plus she's just an awesome runner.  Hello New York City Marathon runner!

Check her out!:

... & I won a giveaway she had.

I always say I love runner's give aways... healthy great stuff.

Though Ricky claimed the bath salt.  Granted - he has a lot of stress & he walks at least 15 miles a day - he deserves a good soak.

So not all is bad - right?

The Holidays are almost here... the New Year will begin with a bunch of goals, challenges, resolutions...

As of right now, making it through.... with my dark chocolate bar I won!  YES!

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